Charity Projects

Our Charity Support

We believe in giving back, wherever we can. Which is why charity is such a big part of what we do…and this takes many forms. From the small stuff like supplying kit to the hundreds of selfless people taking on charitable challenges for a good cause, to the long-term provision of kit and financial support to conservation projects and research expeditions throughout the world.

Simply put, we’re always happy to get stuck in and do our bit. Whether it’s conservation efforts aimed at keeping the planet a wild and natural place, or public health initiatives designed to ensure the health and happiness of people in other countries, we feel good when we do good.


Dian Fossey

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International help to save Grauer’s gorillas in Congo. Ambassador Veronica Vecellio, shares her story;

‘Working for conservation is a lifetime commitment which requires a strong motivation. Conservation is done by a variety of actions all connected to reach the same goal. My job has allowed me to meet and work together with extraordinary people, determined to change the world in order to protect our environment! But also, working for conservation, goes beyond a job or specific expertise. It is living style which is carried on day by day, with small actions, in order minimize the human impact on the environment, and so, it can be done by everyone!’

Learn more about how the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund successfully protects these gorillas…