5 Craghoppers AquaDry Fun Facts

In order to make the most of your outdoor adventures, being prepared for any weather conditions is key. So if you’ve planned an exciting trip with your family or friends and the forecast is looking gloomy, stay protected from the harsh conditions with Craghoppers AquaDry technology. Other than keeping you dry and toasty while on the move, what else can our AquaDry waterproofing offer you? Find out below with our list of fun facts!

5 Fun Facts About Craghoppers’ AquaDry Technology

1. Water-repellent
Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Craghoppers’ AquaDry technology’s primary aim is to keep you dry, while keeping the rain out. The combination of the water-repellent finish and waterproof layer coating means any rain will simply roll off your clothing, leaving you free to explore in comfort.
AquaDry Waterproofing
2. Breathable
There’s nothing worse than feeling hot and clammy in your waterproofs while you’re on a hike. So to combat this, our AquaDry waterproof technology not only keeps you dry from the rain, but it also keeps any moisture from your body out. Stay cool and fresh, no matter the weather.
Waterproof Technology
3. Windproof
If you spend most of your free time up the fells, you’ll be pleased to know that our AquaDry technology also offers respite from the biting wind – keeping you snug and ready for action. Interested? Stay sheltered from the wind and shop our windproof men’s jackets online.
Water Resistant Technology
4. Insulating
Feeling wet and cold on your adventures is a surefire way to ruin your fun. The answer? Insulating and water resistant technology. Craghoppers’ AquaDry clothing will keep you warm while you’re out hiking by maintaining your vital body heat within the fabric.
Craghoppers’ AquaDry Technology
5. Durable
When you’re out adventuring in adverse conditions, you need waterproofs that you can rely on. Thankfully, our AquaDry waterproof technology comes with a durable outer, meaning you can continue on the trail without any interruptions. Keep the outer layer of your waterproof jacket drier for longer with AquaDry.

Sustainable Waterproof Technology

If you’re passionate about protecting our planet, you’ll be pleased to know that here at Craghoppers we are committed to applying the bluesign® system. This means we’re focused on a sustainable future, use responsibly sourced materials and continue to improve our environmental performance. Warming you up, instead of the planet.
Now you know the ins and outs of our AquaDry waterproof technology, are you going to head out on an adventure, regardless of the weather? Be ready to face whatever the wilderness throws at you in our range of men’s AquaDry clothing and women’s AquaDry clothing.


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