5 Fun Family Days Out In Winter

Getting outside, being active and breathing in fresh air is vital for both your physical and mental health. And this isn’t just the case for adults – kids need plenty of quality time outdoors too! But as the dark nights draw in and the chill in the air intensifies, it’s easy to spend all day indoors. Running out of activity ideas with your kids? Discover our five fun family days out in winter to help keep the whole family happy and healthy (all year round), why not give them a go?

Winter Days Out With The Kids

Winter Days Out With Kids
1. Get exploring on a winter hike
First up in our winter family fun suggestions…embarking on a winter hike. Get everyone wrapped up warm with hats, gloves, scarves and thick walking socks – and you’re good to go! Whether you’re heading to some nearby woodland or you’re tackling a fell, winter hikes are a great way to blow off some steam and tire the kids out. Just remember to pack plenty of snacks to give you energy along the way!
Wondering where to go? There are plenty of wonderful walks in the UK, whether the sun’s shining or not! If you’re based up north, there are winter hikes a plenty in the Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District and the Lake District. For those living in the south, you’re not missing out either. Head to Devon, Hampshire or Cornwall for stunning frosty treks.


Outdoor Snow Games
2. Try some outdoor snow games
Kids off school on a snow day? Make some magical family memories by playing some outdoor snow games! Only the most festive family days out in winter are surrounded by snow, so remember to layer up and throw on your waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers. With so many fun activities at hand, you could go down the classic route of making snow angels. Or get creative by making a friendly snowman – and maybe even give it a home by building your very own igloo!

Winter Family Fun at a Bonfire
3. Feel festive with a winter bonfire
Who says bonfires are just for summer? Grab some marshmallows and enjoy some tasty treats around the fire with your loved ones. Play some tunes over a speaker, have a campfire sing along and allow the flames to warm up your hands and toes. And to make it even more festive, rustle up a batch of hot chocolates – and don’t forget to go all out with a dollop of whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top!

4. Head on a winter scavenger hunt
Great for children of all ages, try heading on a winter scavenger hunt! Get up close and personal with nature and educate the little ones on the different kinds of things they can find. Think about the senses when planning your scavenger hunt. What sort of things can you see? From pinecones to juicy berries, point these out to your kids and hand out some fun facts. You can also listen out for birdsongs and try and match them to the birds in the trees.

5. Host a winter Olympics tournament
And finally in our list of outdoor winter activities for kids, we have the winter Olympics tournament. If you’ve got a big family, this is the one for you. Have fun with the games’ ideas, get creative with hula hoops, bean bags and if you’ve got a family dog, try and get them involved too!
And there you have it – our five best outdoor activities in winter, for the whole family. Just remember to wrap your little ones up warm in our kids’ outdoor clothing before heading out in the cold.


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