A Guide To Christmas Gifts For Outdoorsy People

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be starting to think about some Christmas gifts for outdoorsy people that you know. Stuck for inspiration? We can help you there. To get the ball rolling, we’ve created the ultimate guide to gifts for outdoor lovers, separating our ideas into three groups: walking enthusiasts, campers and ramblers. Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful outdoor gifts you can treat your family and friends to at Christmas – or any other time of the year. Discover some of the best Christmas gifts for outdoorsy people below.

Gifts For Walking Enthusiasts

Hikers, or walking enthusiasts, are the people who frequently embark on tough treks up the fells or even exciting expeditions further afield. Sound like someone you know? If hiking is what they’re passionate about, they’ll most likely have all the basics. The key is to find something they might not have thought of that could aid them on their adventures. Or, if you know their kit isn’t keeping up with them, you could treat them to some new outdoor gear. Either way, get some ideas flowing with our selection of gifts for walking enthusiasts:
A walking pole. Help your hiking friends take their exploration to the next level with a new walking pole. If you buy a good quality walking pole, it’ll keep them supported on your adventures for years to come – because no one wants their pole to falter during a tricky part of a trail!
Water purification tablets. Super handy for when you’ve been caught out without any water, water purification tablets are a helpful gift for hikers that they may not think to purchase themselves.
High-tech baselayers. You can never have enough baselayers when you’re a hiker. Treat your loved one to a fresh new baselayer with all the protective technologies to keep them feeling comfortable and fresh while on the move.

Outdoor Gifts

Gifts For Camping Lovers

Camping is an activity loved my many, providing the opportunity to be at one with nature and get out in the fresh air from the moment you wake up. So if you have any camping enthusiasts in your life, why not treat them to something to make their trips even more enjoyable? Discover some of the best gifts for camping lovers in our list:
A waterproof jacket. Rain is pretty inevitable when it comes to camping in the UK, regardless of the time of year. The answer? Gift your camping buddies a waterproof jacket! That way, they can make the most of their trip without being stuck in their tent all day.
Packing cubes. These have become an essential in camping and make a perfect gift for outdoorsy people. But not all have been converted yet. So if you know someone who still struggles to organise their belongings for a camping trip, packing cubes are just the gift they need.
A pair of thick walking socks. We all receive a pair of socks at Christmas, so why not make it appropriate for our outdoorsy friends? Treat your pals to a new pair of walking socks with a range of built-in technologies to keep your feet comfortable and snug after a hard day’s hiking.

Gifts For Outdoor Lovers

Gifts For Ramblers

Treat the walkers in your life to something they can take on their leisurely strolls in the countryside. Think about the sorts of adventures they embark on. Do they always stop for a cup of tea? A new flask could be the perfect gift. For more ideas like this, explore our Christmas gifts for ramblers below!
A woolly hat. Keeping snug on a winter walk makes the experience all the more enjoyable. Gift the ramblers you love a woolly hat so they can make the most of their adventures, even on the chilliest of days!
A lightweight rucksack. Lighten the load on walking trips by treating someone to a lightweight rucksack. Perfect for packing all the essentials for a stroll in the countryside, a rucksack is one of the most practical and long-lasting gifts for ramblers.
A book. Last but by no means least, a good book is the perfect entertainment for a mid-walk pit stop. If your friend or family member likes to make a note of their adventures, our Travel Writer’s Field Guide is the ideal way for them to build their travel writing skills.

Gifts For Ramblers


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