A Look Inside: How Does GORE-TEX® Work?

You’ve just invested in a new GORE-TEX® jacket , and you’re hoping it’s going to keep you warm and dry on your outdoor excursions, through the wind, rain and snow. If you’re wondering how GORE-TEX® works, let’s take a technical look at the clever, versatile design of GORE-TEX®, and explain how it protects you from all of the elements, no matter what the season.

Image : Hollie Harmsworth

What is GORE-TEX® made from?

GORE-TEX® technology is made using protective materials and fabrics that are designed to keep you warm and dry. For example, underneath the outer material of a GORE-TEX® jacket is a GORE-TEX® membrane and lining.

It’s through this protective layer that moisture vapour breathes back through, instead of seeping through to your skin and getting you wet. Too clever to be true? Watch to see how GORE-TEX® technology works.

Did you know GORE-TEX® technology was developed back in 1969? And GORE-TEX® fabrics were even worn by the astronauts on NASA’s first space shuttle mission…

Image : Adam Capper

What are the benefits of GORE-TEX®?

What makes a GORE-TEX® jacket, a pair of waterproof trousers or rucksack unique when it comes to protecting you from the elements, compared to any other waterproof outdoor gear? We’ve compiled some of the benefits of GORE-TEX® so you can find out for yourself:
Waterproof – for the unpredictable rain or sudden snow shower
Windproof – the layer of GORE-TEX® blocks the harsh wind from getting to your skin
Breathable – a comfortable membrane that breathes for you, so you don’t feel stuffy
Durable – for a tough, challenging hike, you need reliability to face the great outdoors
Insulated – an added layer of warmth to lock in your body heat
Lightweight – a packable jacket to zip up, that won’t weigh you down
Comfortable – even with all the technology, a GORE-TEX® jacket doesn’t lose its comfort factor

Image: Hollie Harmsworth

So, how good is GORE-TEX®?

Does the fabric of GORE-TEX® really do what it claims to?

Stefan Glowacz, experienced climber and ambassador for GORE-TEX®, tells us that the protection of GORE-TEX® gives him the control he needs to take on the great outdoors.

“I can’t control a storm. But what jacket I bring to protect me? I can control that.” – Stefan Glowacz

But how long does GORE-TEX® last? This really depends on how you treat it. Now you know you can rely on your new GORE-TEX® when you take to the trail, find out how to take care of your GORE-TEX® jacket.

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