Ambassador Alice Morrison


We started working with Alice earlier in 2019 when we supported her challenging Draa River Expedition. Alice travelled over 1500 kms on foot for 80 days, moving from well to well, with camels to carry water and supplies and two Moroccan camelteers
as her travel companions. Two years previously, she decided to move to Morocco. She ran the Marathon des Sables and retraced the ancient salt routes for the popular BBC 2 Series, Morocco to Timbuktu: An Arabian Adventure. Earlier this year she
launched her third book My 1001 Nights – Tales and Adventures for Morocco, which has been met with great acclaim. Alice will be one of the judges at the Craghoppers Film Prize 2019.




What would you say is your greatest achievement to date?

Running around Everest is definitely up there!

What is your favourite place to explore?

The Draa in Morocco.

Why are you keen to be a Craghoppers Ambassador?

Craghoppers make clothes that work. I need stuff that helps me not hinders me. Good trousers, sun and mosquito resistant tops, warm fleeces and jackets … resilient socks. Craghoppers kit is good quality, it lasts well and it looks great which
definitely helps my morale when I’m out there giving it my all. Also, they share my values around doing the right thing and living your fullest life.

Tell us about the biggest adventure you’ve taken your Craghoppers kit on?

Draa Expedition


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