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Craghoppers started working with Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness a few years ago when he was already a fan of the brand and wore our kit whilst filming for his popular The Brave Wilderness Channel – the most popular channel on Youtube for
wildlife education with over 14 million subscribers. His popularity came from his ability to make animal conservation and education entertaining.

Since then we have started working with Mark Vins, cofounder and director of Brave Wilderness who has a passion for wildlife and adventure, directing the programmes and also appearing in a few himself! Mark loves the practicality of Craghoppers kit
and wears the kit when he’s out filming. And also Mario Aldecoa, their “go to” wildlife expert and co-cinematographer! Mario started his career with the natural world by managing a conservation programme to help protect crocodiles in Florida. Mario
loves the great outdoors and exploring the planet, taking footage of epic animal encounters wherever he can.



Brave Wilderness Brave Wilderness Brave Wilderness Brave Wilderness Brave Wilderness


What’s one thing you always take on an adventure?

When Braving the Wilderness I never break trail without being geared up in my Craghoppers kit. Not only is it reliable beyond any other gear, but it’s also comfortable and durable in even the most difficult environmental conditions.

Tell us about the biggest adventure you’ve taken your Craghoppers kit on?

My Craghoppers kit has travelled the world with me, and some of the biggest adventures have been Australia, South Africa, Japan, and Costa Rica.

Do you have any top tips for survival to offer to our community?

Take time to do adequate research before any expedition. Learn as much as you can about the region you are exploring.

Why are you keen to be a Craghoppers Ambassador?

Because I have been wearing the products almost my entire career as filmmaker! Seriously, there hasn’t been one adventure I’ve been on where I wasn’t wearing at least one article of Craghoppers gear.


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Mario Aldecoa Australia, land of the dragons! On a recent Australia trip, the crew and I were on the search for the continent’s largest lizard species, the 2m long Perentie monitor. The Perentie belongs to the varanid genus which includes several species of predatory lizards that collectively are referred to as monitor lizards, with the […]

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