Ambassador Marty Davies

In October last year Marty ticked off a bucket list challenge by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. The highlight of his climb was reaching Uhuru Peak – the true summit. There were 14 others on the climb and amongst that there were 4 police officers, 4 nurses and 4 Lawyers from around the globe. It made for interesting and humorous chat!

Out of the 15, 10 of the team made the summit. Some falling way to exhaustion or a Acute mountain sickness and had to be carried off. Marty describes climbing Kilimanjaro as an amazing and challenging week, meeting friends, who will remain so for the rest of his life. Kilimanjaro is not to be taken lightly as there is less than 50% oxygen on the summit. Marty partook in many months of training before the start of the adventure to make sure he made the summit safely.

Living in Scotland, Marty is blessed as he lives on the highland fault line at Loch Lomond. He can be found most weekends in the mountains, camping and climbing.