Ambassador Simon Reeve

Explorer, Broadcaster, Author

Simon Reeve is an explorer, broadcaster and author, best known for his travel documentaries and exploring the planet.

With over 120 countries under his belt, he knows what works for him and what doesn’t. He knows he can rely on Craghoppers technical clothing to keep him protected from any environment.

“I choose to wear Craghoppers kit because it is dependable and sturdy. It has been tried and tested in every environment the planet can throw at it.”

Simon is also an ambassador for the Malaria Awareness Campaign after contracting the disease from his trip to the equator. He is also a strong campaigner for environmental issues and part of the Council of Ambassadors for the WWF.

Simon did a Nation-wide tour in 2018 which coincided with the launch of his 4th bestselling book – Step by Step.