Ambassador Jimmy McSparron

Survival Expert

Jimmy has spent his life in some of the most remote jungles on the planet. He has featured both on and off screen on Nat Geo and the BBC and is a well known Jungle Survival Instructor.

Jimmy is even an honorary member of several indigenous groups and has hand tapped tattoos to prove it. He is usually found kayaking solo down the Amazon, ice climbing in the Andes or doing downhill biking races across the continent.

These have led him to be awarded fellowships at the Royal Geographic Society, Royal Anthropological Institute and even the noted Explorers Club. Outside of the jungle, Jimmy has ridden a horse 600 miles across the second highest plain in the world, driven a 3 wheeled tuk tuk 2500 miles across the whole of Peru and been part of earthquake relief teams in Indonesia.

Ambassadors Posts

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