John Mitchell

Biomedical Scientist and Medical Researcher


John Mitchell 5John is a biomedical scientist and medical researcher, soon to finish his medical degree. He is currently leading the Aberdeen-Guyana project, looking at the impact of Western diet and lifestyle on the indigenous Amerindian population in Guyana, comparing those Amerindians who still live traditionally in the jungle interior, to those who have moved to cities.

Guyanese Jungle Expedition

Most recently this involved a month long expedition deep into the Guyanese jungle, visiting a series of tribal villages along the Rupununi and Rewa rivers. John and his team experienced incredible hospitality everywhere they went and were invited to participate in the everyday lives of these tribal communities.

John Mitchell

Medical Research

The impact of the ever expanding influence of western diet and lifestyle means that soon these communities may not be able to escape the high fat, high sugar lifestyle, and so finding out the medical impact this may have on these indigenous communities has never been more important.