An Easy Guide to Stress-Proofing Your Holiday

An Easy Guide to Stress-Proofing Your Holiday: Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad

You’ve spent all year saving your pennies for your annual holiday right? So when that patiently awaited departure date finally arrives, it’s down to you to make sure nothing happens to your well-earned cash. Don’t panic, we’re in this together, and thankfully Sainsbury’s Bank has very kindly put together a simple guide to get you on your way to planet relaxation.

1. First things first. Plan ahead.

Seeing as you’re reading this very useful blog post, you’ve already earned yourself a gold star for planning ahead!

But now, it’s time for the practical part.

Sainsbury’s Bank recommend photographing your passport and driving license. This makes life much easier if anything happens to them. Keep this separate to keep the chances of losing them both to a minimum.

Photograph all valuables just in case anything goes missing.

Wait! Don’t put your camera way just yet! Take a snap of any valuables you’re taking with you while you’re at it. This could come in handy for insurance purposes if any of these were to go missing.

2. Invest in Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can provide a wide range of cover, from medical expenses to money and personal belongings.

Prepare now, relax later!

Before you go, make sure you have the right level of cover. If you have home insurance, this may provide some holiday cover, but the excess could be higher and the limits lower.

3. What about cards and money?

Will you take cash, pre-paid currency cards, credit or debit cards (or a combination)?


Make sure you get in touch with your card providers prior to your departure to let them know where you’ll be, and provide them with up to date contact details. This is a good opportunity to note down your card providers’ helpline number. Store this away from your cards.

Only bring what you’ll need – including a back up card and a little bit of emergency cash.

Did you know that you can use a mobile banking app to keep track of how much money is left on your card? This can be a very handy travel essential, especially if a cash machine is not always accessible.

Whether you’re a well-prepared wanderer or a happy-go-lucky holiday-er, knowing your money is safe and secure during your trip away can take the load off a little.

4. Quick Tips on keeping your cash & cards safe;

Debit/Credit cards
  • Don’t let your card out of sight
  • Keep your pin to yourself
  • Shield your pin when typing it in and make sure you enter it correctly – the pad may be laid out differently in different countries.
  • Avoid carrying around large amounts of cash
  • Exchange money at a recognised trader – like a bank or exchange bureau
Pre paid currency card
  • Load one or more foreign currencies onto the card before you go
  • You can top up as you go

Why not consider a money belt? Our secure and discreet money belts are lightweight and are now available from £7.50

Keep cash and valuable safe with the Craghoppers adjustable leatherlook money belt
The leather-look belt with buckle fastening incorporates a clever zipped pouch to the inside face for the secure storage of money and other small valuables.

5. Worried about pickpockets?

  • Don’t leave bags unattended.
  • Keep spare cash, valuables and important documents – including passports/driving licenses – in your hotel safe if you have one.
  • Check maps in bars and restaurants, rather than on the street.
  • Split your cash up.
  • Keep money belts under your clothes.
  • Be aware of your belongings in busy places.
  • Avoid flashing your cash or valuables.

6. What if passports, money, cards or valuables are lost or stolen?

Ouch! That stings. But you’ve prepared, and knowing what to do and where to go can help greatly and prevent things going from bad to worse!

  • Report it to the local police straight away.
  • Ask for a written police report; you will need it to make a travel insurance claim.
  • If your passport is lost or stolen, contact the closest embassy or consulate ASAP.

7. Consider RFID blocking technology

  • Have you heard about our RFID blocking technology? Our special lined fabric prevents accidental misuse of contactless credit cards and passports by blocking radio signals from activating the chip.
  • Protect your credit or debit cards with our RFID blocking pocket.

From RFID to Sun-Protective clothing, learn about our key technologies here.

8. Finally, when you get home…

Once you’ve unpacked, it’s time to unwind and settle back into real life! But wait, there’s a few more things before you do so.

  • Check that all transactions on your bank statement make sense.
  • Remember to pay any outstanding balance in full to avoid interest and fees.

9. Feeling like everything is under control? Now switch to holiday mode!

With the help of this brilliant infographic created by Sainsbury’s Money Matters, your pre-holiday planning will be second to none, and you can enjoy a stress-free holiday with the family this summer.

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Now that you’re prepared and ready to go, it’s time for a week of relaxation!

Happy exploring!


An Easy Guide to Stress-Proofing Your Holiday: Keeping Your Money Safe Abroad


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