Craghoppers Launches Cyber Crime Protective Clothing

Craghoppers New Travel Clothing Collection Blocks RFID Signals to Protect against Cyber Crime

Latest technology lets travellers carry bank cards and passports with confidence.

New for Spring/Summer 2016, leading travel brand Craghoppers is taking travel security to the next level with its latest collection of ‘RFID protected’ garments, which minimise the risk of data theft for travellers carrying ‘contactless’ bank cards and passports.

With global cyber-crime on the increase, Craghoppers’ new protective line of clothing features a special fabric that helps prevent accidental use or deliberate mis-use of credit cards and passports by blocking radio signals from activating the chip.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) uses wireless technology to transfer data and is now commonly used with ‘contactless’ payment credit and debit cards, letting users quickly and easily pay for items without having to use a chip and pin device; it is also used with contactless passports, letting travellers pass through passport controls more efficiently.

However, despite the efficacy benefits, RFID technology is a controversial topic, as data from RFID-enabled bank cards and passports can easily, cheaply, and undetectably be stolen and used for fraudulent transactions, making it an easy target for fraudsters looking to commit identity and data theft.

Part of Craghoppers world-exclusive permanently insect repellent NosiLife range of clothing, the new ‘RFID’ protected collection includes jackets, trousers and gilets, which lets travellers carry their bank cards and passports with confidence. In addition to providing protection against data theft, clothing in the range also provides protection from biting insects including mosquitoes, ticks and midges. Craghoppers NosiLife provides the following benefits:

– Up to 80-90% reduction in actual bites

– Up to 90% effective in repelling blood feeding

– Up to UPF 40+ protection from UV rays

– Anti-bacterial treatment for freshness

– Non-toxic and non-irritant

– Moisture Control technology to keep cool in hot climates

– NosiLife treatment is permanent and won’t wash out

All Craghoppers RFID protected garments will feature a special logo to indicate its ability to block RFID signals. Key garments in the collection include the men’s NosiLife Adventure Jacket, the NosiLife Adventure Gilet, the men’s and ladies NosiLife Pro Trousers and NosiLife Pro Convertibles, the ladies NosiLife Pro Capri Convertible Trousers and the ladies Jiminez Gilet.


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