Cycling Beyond Berlin


We live in the future. To prove this I only have to say three words: mosquito repellent clothing. My boyfriend, Tom, and I have just started our cycle tour around the world, and countries that are considered to be a high-risk malaria zone are on our itinerary. Needless to say, mosquito protection is very important to us, but we also do not want to carry too much weight, with us living on our bikes and in our tent for the next few months.

I always knew that Craghoppers has some great products, but for some reason I never tried the NosiLife range. When deciding to get some of their mosquito repellent clothes I was slightly apprehensive at first, even suspicious some might say. Are they going to smell funny? Is the material going to feel stiff and weird? What if I wash it and something strange happens? The concept of mosquito repellent clothes being so mind-bogglingly clever to me, that the “strangest thing happening” in my mind could have been anything imaginable, ranging from the clothes disintegrating completely or magical fairies coming out of the washing machine at the end of the cycle.

IMG_1411 IMG_1415

Obviously I had no reason to have any doubts. The clothes are amazing. They are soft and comfy, they definitely don’t smell any different to other clothes (to a human nose at least), and they actually WORK. We are currently in Italy and several mozzies have feasted on Tom’s legs while he was wearing shorts, but me in my NosiLife Adanya Jacket, polo shirt and socks – not one bite on my arms or ankles. I have never had socks as comfortable as the NosiLife Adventure Socks. The slight padding makes you feel like your feet are receiving tiny, gentle hugs throughout the day; and they are so, so soft! I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to accept those standard 3 pairs for 7 quid socks in my life again, having experienced that kind of comfort around my feet, which I did not even know I was missing until I had it.


As we have been a bit unlucky weather wise, Tom has also used his Reaction Lite Jacket a fair amount. It is light and comfortable, but also great for cycling in miserable weather because of its lovely vibrant colours standing out even when everything else looks drab and grey. Fortunately we have not had to use our first aid kit yet, but it’s good to know that we are well prepared should a minor incident happen.

You can follow Michaela and Tom’s trip on Tumblr.


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