Family Gap Year Guide

So you’ve made the decision with your partner and children – you’re all heading on a family gap year. Although the excitement starts now, so does a lot of planning and forethought. Need some help with getting started? Consult our family gap year guide. We’ll talk you through some of the most popular destinations for a gap year with family and 5 top tips to ensure you don’t encounter too many bumps in the road along the way.

Family Gap Year Destinations

Australasia. Specifically, Australia and New Zealand. The abundance of wildlife, hiking trails, relaxing beaches and sightseeing makes Australia and New Zealand perfect for families to explore. One option is to hire a camper van and travel down the Great Ocean Road in Australia. And because New Zealand is a small island, you could even travel from one end to the other in just 2 weeks!
The Americas. Making up for most of the land in the western hemisphere, the Americas offer a whole host of experiences for your family. Whether you head north to Canada, south to Brazil or stay right in the US, there are plenty of different cultures and landscapes for you to explore.
Africa. Whether it’s your dream to head on a safari in Zimbabwe or discover new wildlife in Mauritius, Africa is a wonderful location for a family gap year. If your children are a little older, there are loads of places that offer thrilling outdoor activities like white-water rafting and bungee-jumping – just take your pick!
Europe. For historical insights, supreme hiking trails and pleasant weather, consider taking your family gap year in Europe. From the Italian countryside to the impressive national parks of Croatia, Europe provides a variety of family friendly adventures – and not to mention the educational resources at museums around the continent.
South-east Asia. If you’ve chosen to travel for a year with family, south-east Asia might be the perfect spot for you. With the tropical beaches of Thailand and Vietnam’s bustling cities, there’s plenty to explore in this region. Trial a number of forms of transport like the overnight train, boat or bus in Singapore and see what you can discover along the way.

5 Tips For Your Gap Year With Family

Once you’ve decided on where you’re going, there’s still a few key tips to consider if you’re planning a gap year with family:
1. Plan in advance. Do this as much as you can, but remember that not everything will happen the way you expect it to. The main thing you’ll need to plan thoroughly is your route and make sure everyone is happy with each location in advance.
2. Pack less, but not too little. This is a tricky one to get right. Having to wrestle all of yours and your children’s belongings into a couple of bags will only add stress to your trip. So use packing cubes to organise your clothes and take clothes made from travel-friendly materials like merino wool.
3. Do your research. It sounds obvious, but understanding the global climate is vital for yours and your family’s safety. Consider avoiding places where conflict is likely and where possible, stick to the places you know to be safe.
4. Include your children. In more ways than just their presence. Get them involved in choosing where you’ll be going, how you’ll travel around and the sorts of activities they’d like to do when there – it could avoid many meltdowns when you’re there!
5. Consider the climate. If you’re planning on covering a long distance, you’ll probably enter into a few different climate types. So to keep everyone happy, comfortable and safe, make sure you have clothing to suit the different kinds of climates you’ll encounter. For help with this, check out our handy destination kit guide.
We hope your family gap year runs as smoothly as possible with many adventures along the way. Be prepared for any eventuality and browse our men’s outdoor clothing, women’s outdoor clothing and kids’ outdoor clothing today.


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