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How To Choose The Right Luggage

Although your travel plans might be disrupted, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the future. Use this time to plan how you can maximise your next adventure for a productive and smooth experience. Want to know how? One of the easiest ways to do this is by choosing the right luggage. With so many different reasons for travel, how can you know that your luggage isn’t holding you back? Discover how to choose the right luggage for train travel, air travel, business trips and backpacking below.

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Luggage

Best Luggage For Train Travel

Whether you’re looking to be more sustainable in your travel choice or you’re just not a fan of flying, using trains to explore the world is a great eco-friendly option. And with more and more train routes becoming available, it’s likely you’ll use this method at some point in the future. So, what is the best luggage for train travel? There are three key features that you’ll need to consider:

  • Wheels
  • Height on side
  • Lightweight

When travelling by train, it is likely that you’ll have to do a fair bit of walking with your luggage. Therefore, you’ll need something lightweight, easy to carry and small enough to fit under, or over, your seat. Luckily, our 40L wheelie bag ticks all of those boxes and is available in a selection of colour choices.

Best Luggage For Air Travel

Best Lightweight Bags For Air Travel

Whether you’re heading on a European city break or you’re off on a long-haul flight to somewhere further afield, there are two types of luggage that are ideal for those taking a flight to get to their destination. These two types of luggage have one thing in common: their weight. So what do the best lightweight bags for air travel look like? If you’re doing one-bag-travel for your trip, choose a backpack for a higher level of mobility and to reduce the temptation of packing too much.

If you’re looking for a larger option, something like our 70L wheelie bag would be ideal. Made from durable recycled materials, a telescopic handle and a YKK puncture resistant zip – this is one of the best lightweight bags for air travel to keep your belongings safe.

Best Types Of Luggage For Backpacking

Best Luggage For Business Travel

Does your job require you to frequently embark on business trips overseas? If so, you’ll need to know how to choose the right luggage to protect your valuable items while away. Unfortunately, pickpocketing can be rife in busy cities and on rammed public transport.

So why not invest in a bag that you can store everything in, without having to worry about the security? The best luggage for business travel needs to be as secure as possible, with RFID protection, cut resistant pockets and lockable zips. That way, your business travel can run smoothly, minimising stress and maximizing productivity. Our 40L wheelie bag includes all of these qualities, plus more handy features and compartments.

Best Luggage For Business Travel

Best Types Of Luggage For Backpacking

And finally, what about bags for when you have to carry all of your belongings for months at a time while travelling abroad? Wherever you’re planning on going, you’ll need a bag that’s lightweight, space efficient and durable enough to withstand the elements. Look for something like our 40L hybrid holdall, with a waterproof outer to keep your belongings safe from water damage and handy compartments to organise your things to access as and when they’re needed. And we’re done!

Now you know how to choose the right luggage for your future adventures, browse our complete range of lightweight, secure luggage online today.


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