How To Repel Mosquitoes Without Bug Spray

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Want to avoid biting bugs on your next summer travel adventure? We all love an evening stroll in the summer breeze, but not when you return bitten all over with the bumps to prove it. Fortunately, there is a way around this – and it doesn’t have to involve harsh chemical sprays. Find out how to avoid mosquito bites on your next trip with our guide.

How To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

Using insect repellent spray is usually the most common form of battling against the bugs, but perhaps you’re tired of harsh chemicals on your skin? As effective as these sprays are, if you have particularly sensitive skin, this insect repellent spray can cause skin irritation in some instances. Although DEET is effective, and a quick win for irritating bug bites, if you’re looking for a chemical-free solution to avoid mosquito bites there is an alternative.

NosiLife - Insect Repellent CLothing

Ways To Prevent Mosquito Bites Without Bug Spray

Citronella Candles
If you want to try other ways to prevent mosquito bites, why not try citronella candles? Proven to clear off pesky mosquitoes, the scents of these candles protect you, and effectively the entire room, from unwanted visitors.

Mosquito Nets
Again helpful for indoor protection, mosquito nets are a necessity in some countries. When you’re tucked up in bed with your mosquito net at night, and protected by NosiLife technology in the day, the biting bugs should stay away.

Simple Tips
Other ways to prevent mosquito bites can be as simple as wearing light colours, avoiding certain times of the day if bugs really affect your holiday and avoiding the mosquito hot-spots when choosing your travel destination.

Things To Consider
As helpful as these can be, often they have their downsides. With citronella candles and mosquito nets, they’re highly effective for when you’re spending an evening in with the windows open, but they won’t protect you when you’re off out exploring. Wearing light colours and avoiding certain times or areas can also be impractical – you want care-free exploration on your travels without the worry of pesky biting bugs.

NosiLife: Bug Repellent Clothing

For insect repellent without DEET, turn to anti-mosquito clothing. With NosiLife technology, there is no need to worry about solely relying on chemical sprays. And no need to remember to re-apply spray throughout the day. When it comes to finding insect repellent clothing, NosiLife technology has locked in insect repellent with a proven record of up to a 90% drop in bites. Wave goodbye to insect spray and say hello to comfortable, flexible bug repellent clothing with built in NosiLife technology.

woman in woods wearing NosiLife Insect Repellent Clothing

Non-chemical mosquito repellents

Of course, there are insect repellents without DEET available, in case you want to wear a particular pair of shorts or a summer skirt already in the holiday wardrobe. Even with insect repellent shorts or a bug repellent skirt, you may still need some light protection on any exposed areas of skin that will leave you vulnerable to bug bites.

A popular choice when avoiding DEET is Picaridin – often described as having a less sticky feeling than DEET does, this is an alternative spray you can use for repelling mosquitoes.

Lemon Eucalyptus
Another option is the oil of lemon eucalyptus – this is a plant based ingredient in insect repellent sprays, and a good solution if you want to stay as natural as possible. It is also said to have less of an odour than DEET products do.

Anti-mosquito clothing from Craghoppers
Ready to stock up on anti-mosquito clothing? With our wide range of men and women’s insect repellent clothing such as skirts, trousers, fleeces and shirts, your entire wardrobe can be stylised as the best non-chemical mosquito repellent. We believe in promoting a non-toxic ‘cover-up’ attitude towards preventing harmful biting insects.

Don’t forget to stock up on the kids’ insect repellent clothing too and keep everybody protected on your next adventure. With the whole family’s protection provided, enjoy every second of your trip without the worry of forgetting the bug spray.

Now you’ve got your mosquito proof clothing sorted, it’s time to choose the destination. Take a look at our blog for inspiration on places to travel from India to Vietnam and find the next care-free adventure for you.

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