How To Walk Ben Nevis

The latest Ordnance Survey calculates that our Big Ben is getting even bigger. The most up to date reordered height is at 1,345 metres, a full metre taller than in 1949. As Ben Nevis is a big news topic at the moment we thought that we would put together a How To guide for walking up The Ben.

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Walking Tips

The most popular route to take up the mountain is the Mountain Track (also known as the Tourist track and Pony track) from start to finish this is 16km, which can be done in 8 hours. Depending how fit you are it is possible to do in one day. Initially the route is relatively easy but it quickly becomes rocky so be careful as most incidents occur on the decent.

The minimum essentials you need with you are water, food, a torch and a map – which you need to know how to use.

It is important to not rely on mobiles in case of emergency, as there is not phone reception on the entire route – but the distress signal on the mountain is 6 whistle blast or 6 torch lashes.

 Other than that stick to the route and have a great time!

Fun Facts

If you want to make the challenge even harder, there is an annual Ben Nevis race that takes place on the 1st of September and the record time stands at 1 hour 25!!

In 1949 when the mountain was last measured it took 20 nights and a team of 7 to work out the height and due to advanced technology this year, it only took 2 hours!

Walking Gear & Kit Suggestions

This year Craghoppers are teaming up with Ordnance Survey for the ‘OS Collection.” This partnership will offer the consumer a collection designed with Craghoppers best technology with the OS logo on classic subtle zips and labels.

The collection features the Pierre Jacket, which will prepare you for any condition you may face on the walk.

This collection has JUST been released so if you’re ready to #GetOutside and walk the extra metre head over to to find out more.

Walking Boots

When walking it is essential to keep your feet protected our Bari Waterproof Walking shoe will be suitable for the trek as they are built to give a reliable waterproof performance.

Packing It All Together

You will need something to pack away all your walking essentials so we recommend the 3 in 1 Packaway Rucksack Also don’t forget about Walking Poles as it’s a little help on the way up!!


Good Luck!


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