What does a teenager like to wear on a DofE expedition?

Craghoppers Ambassador, Lucy Grayston, recommends her favourite pieces to take on a DofE expedition.

As a teenager, I’m quite fussy with what I wear.

I still want to look fashionable, especially amongst my friends on my DofE expedition. At the same time, I need functional gear that’s going to help me handle whatever the Great British weather and environment have in store for me on my expedition. These are two of my favourite items of kit from Craghoppers.

Craghoppers Ionic II Half Zip Fleece

Craghoppers Ionic II Half Zip Bright Turquoise

A fleece is an essential bit of kit you need when out on the hills. It’s easy to throw on when it gets a little chilly! The fleece is lightweight, so my rucksack is not any heavier than it needs to be. It’s also easy to dry so if I get caught in the rain (which is very likely doing a DofE expedition in the UK). I know that my fleece will dry quickly, so I won’t have to worry about being cold for long. It acts as an excellent mid-layer since it’s easy to apply more layers on top as it’s not big or bulky. The fleece is incredibly soft, so comfortable to wear and makes a comfortable pillow at night!

I love the look of this fleece: both the colours blend well. What I also really liked was the elasticated cuffs making it look more attractive and sporty. It also meant that the end of my sleeves was less likely to get wet or dirty. Along with this, the elasticated sleeves helped to keep me warm by allowing less cold air in and keeping the warm air inside.

Shop the Craghoppers Ionic II Half Zip Recycled Fleece here.

Craghoppers Nosilife Pro Long Sleeved Shirt

CRAGHOPPERS NosiLife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt Mushroom

What you wear does make a difference to how you feel and the enjoyment of your adventure. When I’m dressed in this shirt, I feel like a real explorer out in the wild on a safari! This shirt has adventure written all over it! The neutral colour works well with my walking trousers, and the feminine fit gives a flattering look.

As well as looking good it has a lot of technical features that make it perfect for adventuring. When you are outside walking through bogs, grasslands, or sitting outside at night by your tent, there is no getting away from the pesky insect bites, so I was incredibly grateful for the Nosilife Insect Repellent, which helped to keep the little irritating bugs at bay!

Marching over hills in the sun you soon get warm carrying a large heavy rucksack. The ventilation feature certainly helped me to stay more comfortable. It also helped protect me from the sun (yes, the sun did make an appearance in Wales!!) as its a light cover up with a collar to protect your neck. The shirt is extremely comfortable to wear and very light so folds down to a tiny size to fit in your rucksack, and it appears just as good the next day – no creases – how good is that?!

Shop the Craghoppers NosiLife Adventure Long Sleeved Shirt here.

Both these items are great bits of DofE expedition kit that proved their worth on my trips and made it more enjoyable.

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