The Ultimate Defence Against Biting Insects

What have the Lion Whisperer, Saving the Survivors vets working out in Africa and the British Army, amongst many other adventurers got in common? They all wear our NosiLife clothing.

So what is the big deal, you might be asking? NosiLife clothing has an anti-insect treatment which offers an outstanding defence against biting insects including Mosquitoes, which can carry diseases such as Malaria. The treatment contains Permethrin which was originally used in hospitals, to rid beds of bed bugs.

But that is not the only reason. Our NosiLife clothing is packed full of technologies and features to make it a must-have wardrobe staple for home and away.


Solar Shield – UV Protection of UPF 40+ is achieved through a combination of 3 things – density of the fabric construction, type of yarn and colour.

Moisture Control – Moisture seeking properties of the fabric means that it pulls the moisture (such as perspiration) from the skin and disperses it across the outside of the fabric. This allows it to evaporate quicker over a larger area, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Odour Control – Using effective fabric patches in key areas on the garments, these absorb the odour molecules, keeping you feeling fresher for longer.

Wash and Wear – This fabric is easy-care and quick-drying and there is no real need to iron.

In addition, and dependent on the style, NosiLife has features that you might not even know you needed!

Key Features

Zip’n’Clip – This is added security to protect your valuables, which will deter thieves trying to get into your pockets.

Drying loops – These are handy loops that can be used to hang up clothing for washing and drying with ease.

Sunglasses wipe – Also perfect for camera lenses, this is a small microfibre cloth which is always at hand.

Dry bag – Found in the pocket of the cargo style NosiLife trousers, as well as the NosiLife Adventure Jacket and Gilet, this clear bag offers water tight protection for your valuables.


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