Black Wolf Survival

Black Wolf Survival

Black Wolf Survival teaches children and adults Survival and Bushcraft skills. Based on 120 acres of private woodland in Kent, the experienced instructors teach outdoor skills to a variety of ages and also work with schools and colleges.

As well as education closer to home, the team also run courses further afield in Sweden and Norway.

The expert team also deliver education and training for other skills, such as carving, green woodworking, canoeing and wild camping trips.

Craghoppers is proud to provide practical clothing to their Chief Instructor, Craig Fordham, who praises the practicality and comfort of the kit whilst out on an adventure.

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Ambassador Q&A

Craig Fordham

Craig Fordham, Chief Instructor

What’s the most rewarding thing about working for Black Wolf Survival?

Most rewarding thing about running Black Wolf is probably the work I do with youngsters living in the care system who don’t get on well in mainstream education, it’s amazing to think you’re
making a difference in these student’s lives and showing them that not all classrooms have four walls.

What piece of Craghoppers clothing do you love the most and why?

The Nosilife Adventure Shirts, definitely! I literally live in them, it’s my day to day shirt, they are cool in summer, help protect me from UV rays, keep the bugs at bay, look smart, they dry
quickly when wet and if I’m in a remote part of the world and have to wear the same top for many days they wash easily and don’t stink!

Which Bushcraft and Survival skill do people want to learn the the most? / What’s the easiest one to learn?!

The skill people seem to want to learn the most is fire lighting, especially primitive friction fire lighting, I’m quite well known for my friction fire skills and I think people are still
fascinated by the notion of rubbing sticks together to start a fire and it’s often seen as a benchmark for people’s skill levels. The easiest to learn however is having a positive mental
attitude, all the technique in the world won’t help you if you can’t get your head in the right place. All it takes is all you’ve got!