Saving the Survivors

It is a normal assumption that all victims of poaching are killed, but that is not always the case. Instead these poor brutalised animals are left to suffer slow, agonising deaths. Saving the Survivors stops that suffering, heals the hurt and
gives these majestic and endangered survivors hope and a second chance at life.

Saving the Survivors was found in 2012 by Dr Johan Marais. We are a direct-action field based African conservation organisation that aims to maintain
biodiversity by medically treating, caring for and rescuing threatened and endangered wildlife species.

While our main focus is on rhinos that have survived, we also work with other threatened animals: the elephant, cheetah, lion, leopard, African wild dog, sable that have fallen victim to poaching, habitat loss or other traumatic incidents that
threatens their lives and their very existence.

Extinction is forever but not on our watch!

“Our main two pillars at STS are first to maintain biodiversity by caring for and rescuing primarily threatened and endangered wildlife species, and secondly by conserving threatened and endangered species in Africa by developing and
supporting conservation programmes and projects that threaten biodiversity.”
Dr Johan Marais



Saving The Survivors Saving The Survivors Saving The Survivors Saving The Survivors Saving The Survivors


Saving The Survivors – By Dr. Johan Marais

Ambassador Johan Marais has been a qualified veterinary surgeon for over two decades. He grew up in Etosha, Namibia and on the Highveld of South Africa before becoming a qualified veterinary surgeon in 1991. From then, Johan spent years in equine racing, before being a senior lecturer, then later head of the Equine Clinic in […]

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