Tusk Photo

Tusk Photo

South Africa-based Tusk Photo specialises in leading prestigious photographic safaris to wilderness areas across the world. Dedicated to sharing its technical expertise and knowledge of the natural world, the company aims to provide the world’s best photographic safari experiences.

Tusk Photo has an intimate knowledge of wildlife across the world and offers tours to please even the most discerning traveller — from bespoke private expeditions to group-based photographic tours.

Groups sizes are kept small, ensuring personal attention at all times. Whether guests prefer an adventurous exploratory trip to the forests of Central Africa, or a more luxurious safari with all the comforts targeting leopards in the Sabi Sands, Tusk Photo can build an itinerary to suit all preferences and budgets.

The company’s tour leaders are multi-award winning photographers with impeccable photographic skills. They strive to ensure that guests end each tour with an extensive portfolio of images, representative of the area and in line with their photographic vision. Above all, the company aims to give each individual the safari they desire and deserve: authentic, relaxed and soul-enriching.

Tusk Photo is known for its warm hospitality and caters to both entry level photographers as well as to some of the worlds leading professional photographers.

Carefully handpicked destinations combined with in-depth technical knowledge from our host photographers ensures that each safari is an unforgettable adventure.

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Ambassador Q&A

Jackie Badenhorst

Jackie Badenhorst, Professional Wildlife & Landscape Photographer

What’s your favourite thing about working for Tusk?

Working as a photographic guide is really rewarding on many levels. There’s the main benefit of be being out in nature and visiting amazing wildlife destinations across the world – There’s nothing that makes me happier than being in the wild surrounded by incredible landscapes and animals (and photographing it all!).

Then there’s being with like-minded people, assisting them to get the shot of their dreams. It’s really exciting when you know you’ve captured a great shot, so helping others experience this feeling is fantastic!

Finally, there’s the hope that your images may make a difference to the conservation of a species. When people see images and learn more about an animal, sometimes they feel a great affinity toward the species and this leads to them wanting to conserve it. Spreading positive messages and imagery can get a lot of positive attention to animals and I hope to continue doing this through my photographs.

What’s your favourite piece of Craghoppers gear and why?

I love puffers – one can’t have enough of them!! So I’d say the gear that I use most is a mix of my Compresslite and Ventalite Jackets – they are warm, comfy and light. They’re great for layering with fleeces and heavier waterproof jackets for the ultimate in warmth. I get cold easily – so there’s always a couple of jackets handy wherever I go! They take up very little space, so I even keep one in its stuff sack in my camera bag.

What’s one photography tip you would give to someone who’s just started?

Get the best camera equipment you can afford but once you have it take time to improve your skills using that setup, rather than upgrading gear all the time. Rather spend any other funds you have on travelling and expanding your portfolio. Yes, you will get to a point where your skills are up there and you may have to upgrade – but there’s no point having amazing gear and you can’t afford to go anywhere!

Furthering that point, find local spots to hone your skills – there are amazing spots in the UK, like Richmond Park in London or Skomer Islands in Wales for Puffins.

The better your skills get at home – the better you will be prepared to capture amazing shots in exotic destinations further afield.