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Q&A with Bernie’s | Behind the Archive Campaign

Meet Will – owner and cofounder of Bernies with his wife, Beth.

Will lost his job during the pandemic and decided it was time to take back control by doing something he’d always wanted to. Some hard grafting, a smidge of stress and a government loan later, Bernie’s was born. You could call it a pandemic baby. Stocking locally sourced and sustainable produce. A neighbourhood hangout filled with fresh bakes, great coffee & friendly faces. 

We asked Will a couple of random questions to help you get you to know him.

Who is Bernie?

Bernie was my mum’s dad. When Beth got pregnant, I was convinced we were having a boy so we wanted to call him Bernie – turns out we had a girl, so the shop got the name. 

If you could only eat one fresh bake from Bernies for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Vindaloo Pie all day!!

Most underrated item you sell?

All the veg. A lot of the focus of what we do is on the bakery side & the pies etc but I love the veg, its the best & you can really taste the difference when it’s from a good farm!

Describe the ‘Weekend at Bernie’s coffee in 3 words

Easy, chocolatey & well-sourced (4 words, lol, ish)

Where will Bernies be next?

Not sure, own an offsite bakery & kitchen maybe or somewhere in Trafford. Originally it was going to be in Sale, so maybe there. Not sure Beth (Will’s wife) will let me open another though!

If you’re in or around Heaton Moor or Altrincham, make sure to stop by to support your local independent grocery shop. Make sure to follow them too.

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