Rhino Fund Uganda

Craghoppers take conservation very seriously and we are involved with a number of projects that help endangered animals around the world.

Recently we have supported the filming of the documentary – Dying to Move – by Director Gisele Ryan which features Forest Whitaker and his charity WPDI (Whitaker’s Peace and Development Initiative). Through this we have learned more about the plight of Rhinos in Uganda.

The Rhino has become the world’s No 1 target for poachers and traffickers who view their horns as valuable ingredients for Chinese medicine. Powdered Rhino horn can fetch hundreds of thousands of pounds each, and is thought to cure anything from hangovers to cancer, even though it is actually made from Keratin and has no proven medicinal properties.

As with many conservation projects it is not just about the Wildlife itself but also the local communities and education which is where Forest Whitaker and his charity WPDI have played their part in the Dying to Move documentary, highlighting the power of wildlife to provide jobs, balance, biodiversity and income for a region in recovery.

Uganda lost all their Rhino in the 1980’s, and in 1997 Rhino Fund Uganda registered as a Ugandan NGO. In 2006, Rhino Fund Uganda re-introduced 6 Rhino back to the country and through their successful conservation, breeding and community projects there are now 27 Rhino.

However, the sanctuary and the Rhino are now hugely under threat as they have been given notice on their home. They are being forced to either buy the land or find a new home, with little time to do so. Moving Rhino is no easy task as it takes a year to prepare land for new Rhino. The documentary has been commissioned to raise awareness of this plight and get the necessary funds needed to either buy the land or find a suitable new home.

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