Simon Reeve: Guaranteed For Life

Words by Simon Reeve

WE FOUND a pair of old Craghoppers walking trousers at the bottom of a dusty suitcase a while ago. They had belonged to my Dad, who had worn them on family holidays throughout those distant years of the 1980s, tramping around the land, from the wilds of Surrey to the Lake District and the Highlands.

The trousers had seen more than a few peaks, bogs and brambles. But they had worn better than a pair of army surplus leather boots in the same case. The boots were losing their soles. The trousers still looked good enough to wear.

In an era of awful fast fashion, with people buying t-shirts they wear once and discard rather than popping them in the laundry, it’s essential to buy stuff that lasts. In the long run it’s better for your finances, but it’s also a damn sight better for the planet.

Craghoppers have put the ‘made to last’ concept at the heart of what they do. They gift a lifetime guarantee along with all their garments. For any company that’s a huge commitment, but from a brand offering outdoor clothing, it shows a streak of confidence that verges on the stubborn. After all, Craghoppers clothing travels to every corner of the planet, to the hottest jungles and through the thorniest bushes. 

But Craghoppers know we rely on our kit and clothing, and so their garments have been tried, tested and perfected over decades.

They are so proud of their garments, so certain of the design, the fabrics, and the manufacture, that they are Guaranteed. For Life.  

As a result, you can buy and wear with confidence. You can trust their coats to keep you dry and their trousers to keep you trekking, not just tomorrow, but 10 years and more down the line.

Remember: buy once, buy it right, buy for keeps

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