Solo Travel For Women

Solo Travel For Women – Top European Cities To Visit

Sometimes, a solo trip is just what you need. You can do all the things you want to do without having to worry about anybody else. You can really absorb yourself in the destinations you visit and get to know the local people. There are some fab places to travel alone throughout Europe, especially if you fancy a city break.
But where are the best places to travel alone? Solo female travel can be a little daunting, and you do need to choose your destinations wisely. Solo travel for women is increasing in popularity, it’s on the rise in Google trends, and Conde Nast Traveler claims women are becoming more adventurous travellers.
A lot of women travelling alone get on absolutely fine, but for some, solo vacations are a completely new experience. If you’re a little dubious, don’t fret, there are plenty of destinations where you’ll feel super safe, relaxed and welcome. Here are five European solo female travel destinations where you can get away alone and experience the wonders of solo vacations.

Places to travel alone in Europe

1. Valencia, Spain
Fancy a beach and city combo? This underrated city boasts white sandy beaches as well as architectural delights and a friendly, cool city vibe – making it ideal for women traveling alone. It’s been dubbed ‘the city of art and science’. The old town is an ideal place to stay as it’s close to the best restaurants. It’s easy to get around the city safely thanks to the tram that you can easily hop on and off. Make sure you visit the Science Park, head to the market and go on a cycling tour. Oh, and order a glass of Sangria and enjoy a spot of people watching by the fountain.

Credit: Petr Suma

2. Nice, France
If you’re after a glitzy city break then this is a fab place to getaway alone as a female. Sip on champers at the beach clubs and take a dip in the beautifully blue sea. Then head into town for the afternoon for some serious retail therapy. Nice also has a fine collection of restaurants if you’re after some culinary delights. Want to explore the Cote d’Azur a little further? You can just jump on a bus and travel along the coast to some of the more serene beaches.

Nice, France
Credit: Paul Rysz

3. Reykjavik, Iceland
Iceland has been awarded the title of the safest country in the world several times, so it’s safe to say you’ll feel at ease on solo trips for females here. Unleash your inner explorer and go on so adventurous day trips to see geysers and stand on a glacier. You’ll need to pack accordingly though, and bring some outdoor protection clothing to keep you warm and dry.
Travel a little further afield and you’ll find the most magical waterfalls and Game of Thrones style scenery. And make sure you visit the famous Blue Lagoon for some much needed relaxation in an incredible setting.

Nesjavallavirkjun, reykjavik, Iceland
Credit: Gemma Evans

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. You will discover a charming city with lots of quirky cafes and pretty pathways. Why not go on a boat trip down the canals and visit some of the many museums on offer, including the Moco Museum which pays tribute to Salvador Dali and the street artist Banksy.
5. Florence, Italy
Get a taste of renaissance art and Italian cuisine in this magical city found in Tuscany. Spend a few days in the city and then explore the breathtaking countryside and medieval hilltop towns. For the cyclists out there, there are plenty of incredibly beautiful cycling routes to uncover. But expect lots of winding bends and hill climbs and remember to pack your waterproof jacket just in case. Don’t forget to pack your walking gear, because Tuscany also has plenty of scenic walking routes.
Florence, Italy

Now that you know our recommended places for female solo travel, it’s up to you to decide where you’re going to visit next. Just don’t forget to use the #mycraghoppers hashtag on Twitter or Instagram in all your travel pics.


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