The Pip Edit – Behind the Scenes with Pip Stewart

What REALLY happened behind the scenes on Craghoppers Autumn/Winter shoot

As I quickly stripped off behind a bush on a chilly Autumn day I chuckled to myself. I was with some of the Craghoppers team (they weren’t with me behind the bush at the time) shooting for their new Autumn/Winter collection. I was tickled because if anyone had seen me at that precise moment, disheveled hair, bra clad, alone, numerous outdoorsy outfit changes in hand, they may have wondered what the hell I was up to! Yet I felt fully alive, enjoying the outdoors and revelling in a day spent in my favourite environments – from woodlands to beach walks.

We all know that glossy social media shots are often so far removed from the reality of life which is why I now try and focus on how something makes me feel. My own personal social media mantra is: “Post for the soul not the self” and perhaps a similar sentiment should apply to what we wear. What does it allow us to do and what impact is it having on the world? How do we feel when we wear it? 

And when it came to how an outfit made me feel, I have to say the Expolite hooded jacket was my absolute favourite. Five months pregnant and with a general love of anything snuggly, the lightweight jacket felt like a warm hug. It’s now a staple on any cold expedition or day out – easy to stuff down small into a bag and it doesn’t use down feathers. It’s also just what you want to put on after finding yourself stripped down behind a bush…


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