This is Our Kind of Lockdown

Together we stand stronger. Though we are currently starved of our actual adventures – we can still dream. We can still plan. We can still be inspired by the many like minded adventurers out there that crave the very same thing.

Here at Craghoppers, we are made for travel. It’s in our DNA, like you. So we need an outlet, a lifeline to see us through the next few days, weeks, months when travel is just not an option.

We are lucky to work with some incredible Ambassadors. They have been to some remarkable places all over the world and we are working with them – social distancing at all times – to bring you some amazing social content that will help you reminisce, plan and basically get out of this crazy time as sane as we all went in!

Have you ever tried to recreate your favourite holiday destination at home? We will be bringing you some of our favourites and those of our Ambassadors to you so whether that is through food inspo, music, literature or websites to explore – each week we will pick a new destination and we would love to hear about you getting involved too.

Who doesn’t love a list? It helps you plan. It keeps you focused and if ever there was a good time to make them it is NOW. We will motivate you with our list ideas so that you will be ready for when the dust has settled and we can be let loose! So we can dream now – travel later.

We will be checking in with our Ambassadors and taking a look at their new normal and how they are surviving their self isolation. We will let you know when you can tune in live and take part in the conversation.

And we want to hear from you too. How are you getting through the monotony of your day? We have all had our wings clipped but together we can work through this and motivate each other!

Today – this is our kind of lockdown – but it is not forever!

Together we can do this.


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