Ultimate Rock Climbing Kit List

Planning an outdoor rock climbing adventure? What’s on your rock climbing kit list so far? If this is your first time outside of the organised climbing walls of the UK, it’s integral to pack the right kit to make sure you stay safe. Outdoor climbing is a totally different monster to indoor centres, so take note of our recommended rock climbing gear list.

Rock Climbing Kit

Weekend Rock Climbing Kit List

It’s important to check all of your rock climbing kit before you go. You will need a standard harness and all the bouldering accessories to go with it. Make sure you get these from a trustworthy brand and triple check them off your rock climbing kit list before setting off!

Rock Climbing Gear

Essential Rock Climbing Gear List

• Rope
• Karabiners
• Quickdraws
• Belay device
• Cams
• Nuts
• Hexes
• Nut key
• Slings
• Chalk
• Helmet

Weekend Climbing Kit & Travel Essentials

• Stretch walking trousers
Base layers
• Lightweight waterproof jacket
Woolly hat
• Climbing shoes
• Sunscreen
• First aid kit
• Water bottle
• Headlamp

Don’t forget this rock climbing kit essential

Whether or not you know the area you will be climbing in, pop a guidebook on your weekend travel packing list! Your book will indicate the routes and grading of the climbs in that area, so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself in for.

Look out for the guidebooks written by experienced climbers who have previously attempted and graded the location. Then keep your guide on hand to ensure you don’t get stuck attempting climbs above your competency level. The pressure and additional environmental factors of climbing outdoors can make things feel a lot harder, so start slow and see how you go. Our blog on the best UK climbing spots is the perfect pre-adventure read too!

Which Rock Climbing Safety Gear Should I Add To My Packing List?

A must-have on your rock climbing gear list is safety equipment. Put a first aid kit on your packing list immediately. The likelihood of getting some scrapes and cuts, especially on that tricky gritstone, is fairly high. A bouldering mat, though awkward to carry, is also a great investment for any falls. If you are feeling brave enough, you and your climbing partner can test out your bouldering skills too.

What To Pack When Travelling To Your Climbing Locations

Okay, so you have your essential climbing gear and safety accessories ready to go, but how will you carry them around? Nearly all the best climbs in the UK have a good walk to get to them. But that’s half the fun! So make sure you use a good quality rucksack that can hold everything on your rock climbing kit list.
A rucksack is worth the investment as you will get plenty of use out of it. Comfortable and practical clothing is also key to an enjoyable weekend travel trip. Add some waterproof trousers and comfortable walking boots to your weekend away checklist, to help get you to your climbing destination safe and sound!

Little Luxuries For Your Rock Climbing Kit List

What’s next? Well, if you’re going to be camping or will be staying in one location all day, a few helpful outdoor accessories won’t go amiss. A lightweight camping stove with a pot for coffee is one of those things you will thank yourself for – a piping hot coffee goes a long way when you’ve been exerting yourself and taking on new climbs. And when it comes to setting up camp, it certainly pays to add some gaffer tape to your rock climbing kit list, just in case of an emergency repair.

Rock Climbing Tips For Your Weekend Adventure

Check all knots several times and get your partner to check them too. Communicate clearly. Take your time and enjoy it. If in doubt, run it out. If it’s your first trip, maybe take it slow and make sure your climbing partner or the group you’re going with have enough experience between them to give you a helping hand. If it’s your first time and you’re scared – you’re doing trad climbing right.

Now you have figured out what to put on your rock climbing kit list, it’s time to journey onward! Stay safe on your adventures and remember to triple check your packing list and climbing accessories!Bouldering Kit


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