Where to buy recycled clothes

Brand new clothes, without the guilt. Clothes made from recycled materials allow you to purchase new garments for yourself with reduced environmental impact. More and more clothing companies are starting to produce recycled plastic clothing lines in a bid to become more sustainable – which is great, although it can get a little overwhelming. Not sure where to start looking? There’s no need to stress, because we’ve created this guide on where to buy recycled clothes. From where to find them, to how to recycle your own clothes, find out everything you need to know below.

Benefits Of Recycling Clothes

And finally, it’s important that we highlight the benefits of recycling clothes. Here’s why it’s worth buying recycled clothing and recycling your own items:

Environmental impact. An obvious benefit of recycled clothes (or buying recycled plastic clothes) is the reduced environmental impact. Just a few of these benefits include conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gases and the reduction of waste in landfill.

Social impact. If you choose to buy recycled clothes or upcycle your own garments, the social impact cannot be ignored. For example, donating to charity will help those from low income households to purchase good quality clothes at a low price.

Personal impact. The knowledge that you’re doing something good for the environment and the community can have a huge positive effect on your own mental wellbeing – so it’s always worth doing your bit where you can.

Where To Recycle Clothes

Now you know where to buy recycled clothes (or at least get your hands on them) we’ll run you through the places you can go to recycle your own clothes.

Highstreet shops. In the UK, there are a number of clothing companies who now offer in-store recycling. Simply leave your unwanted textiles at the drop-off point and you’ll receive a discount on your next shop – win-win!

Recycling points. A simple, quick and easy way to recycle your old clothing, check out where your local recycling point is and be sure to drop it off at the right point.

Donate to charity shops. As mentioned earlier, a great way to recycle your unwanted clothing items is to take them to a local charity shop. Just make sure all the garments you want to donate are clean and in a good condition to sell.

Do it yourself. If the only reason you want to get rid of your garment is because it has a small rip or stain, why not try fixing it yourself? Super rewarding and it means you get to keep your old favourites.

Where To Buy Clothes Made From Recycled Materials

1. Depop
Another great place for buying clothes made from recycled materials is Depop. Here, you have two options: one is to buy previously owned clothes made by companies that use recycled materials for their designs. The other option is to seek out small businesses who use recycled material to make their garments – but these will usually be smaller and more simple looking pieces.

2. Charity Shops
Next up, we have charity shops. If budget is a big factor for you, consider taking some time to rummage through the clothes at charity shops. Although the clothes themselves aren’t likely to be made from recycled materials, buying clothes from a charity shop is a great way to score points on the waste hierarchy, by re-using instead of recycling.

3. Upcycling
Why not try recycling your own clothes and materials too? If any clothing has become too big or too small, you can either get busy with a sewing machine to give them a new lease of life, take them to a tailor or even a sewing whizz friend! That way you’re reducing what’s ending up in landfill, and either supporting a local business or learning a new skill.

4. Craghoppers
We can’t talk about recycled clothing without mentioning our own line. From autumn, 70% of our clothing will be made using recycled materials. Whether that’s using plastic bottles or repurposing yarn, rest assured that the garments you buy have a vastly reduced impact on the environment than clothes that aren’t made from recycled materials. Interested in seeing what we’ve got in stock? Discover our guilt-free outdoor clothing today.

Feeling inspired? Making a difference starts with you. For more information on how to become more sustainable, discover our sustainable clothing guide today. And to find out what we’re doing for the planet, check out our Mindfully Made pages.


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