Rucksack Guide: Which one do I need?

You’re off on an adventure into the wilderness. You’ve got everything you need. Protein bars, walking boots, layers, tent and your lucky hat. But you’ve got no idea which rucksack to choose for your trip.

Wondering if a simple, budget option will do the job? We’ve broken down the different types of rucksacks available, all their different features, and when you might need them, to help you decide which one you’ll need for your next adventure.

The super-practical rucksack

You’re after the convenience of a small, lightweight shoulder bag but you also need a spacious, reliable rucksack with the practicality of multiple pockets. A 3 in 1 packable rucksack is a hiker’s ideal companion. Its water resistant, convertible and comfortable features is what makes it one of the best trekking bags

Don’t worry about suddenly getting wet in unpredictable weather, or feeling achey after long day carrying a heavy load on your shoulders. These practical 3 in 1 rucksacks are built with both capacity and comfort in mind. That means you’re able to pack all of your hiking accessories into your backpack, use the adjustable straps and enjoy trekking along any terrain, comfortably, without any strain.

The extra-stable rucksack
Advanced hiker? If you’re headed on a route with unsteady terrain, it’s important to find the best mountaineering backpack for the job.
With a Shockcord Stash rope system as well as the space to store your walking poles, waterproof KiwiPro rucksacks offer great support for the more adventurous, experienced hiker.

The waterproof rucksack
Planning autumnal outdoor adventures and looking for some protection from the wet weather, as well as the added benefits of Shockcord Stash and multiple pockets? You’ll need a waterproof rucksack. Our waterproof rucksacks are made with AquaDry technology, designed to roll the droplets of rain away off your backpack, keeping you dry as you trek.

What size backpack do I need?

Do you know what litre backpack you’re going to need? It depends on the type of adventure you’re on as to the size you’ll need. Use our backpack size guide to help you choose which rucksack size is the right one for you.

What size backpack? How much can it hold? When’s best to use it?
Small 7 Litres An afternoon of leisurely walks
Medium 15 -22 Litres Often also known as daypacks, ideal for a full day of hiking
Large 30 + Litres Strong and spacious enough for longer hikes and camping trips where you’ll need to compactly pack all of your essential outdoor gear

Going on DofE?
50+ litre backpacks are your go-to for packing all of your essential DofE outdoor kit.
So, now you’re clued up on which rucksack is the most suitable for each of your adventures, you can find the best rucksack for travelling, hiking or smaller scale exploration today. Don’t forget to share your hiking trips with Craghoppers on Instagram and Facebook. Just use the hashtag #mycraghoppers!

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