Winter Hiking Kit Guide

Your Winter Hiking Kit Guide

It may be cold outside – but that doesn’t mean being stuck indoors. With the right kit and clothing, you’re all set to explore the wintery landscape, whether there’s rain, snow or sleet on the horizon. Take a peek at our guide to winter clothing and accessories – and get ready for your next adventure.

Winter Hiking Clothes

Dressing for winter hiking? It’s all about having the right layers – after all, even in deepest, darkest December; it’s easy to work up a sweat once you get going on a demanding uphill hike. Here’s a list of winter hiking essentials:

Winter Hiking Jackets

Top of your winter hiking clothes list? It has to be a warm, reliable jacket. So how do you choose the best winter hiking jacket for you? If you are out and about in wet and windy conditions, equip yourself with a GORE-TEX jacket, a useful ally in any battle against the weather. For the coldest conditions, stay protected by combining your GORE-TEX jacket with a hiking fleece.

Looking for warmth and versatility? Why not try one of our 3-in-1 Jackets? These cold weather hiking jackets will keep you comfortable in harsh winter conditions – just make sure that you attach all the layers! Created using our AquaDry technology, these winter jackets will keep you warm, however cold the conditions you’re facing.

Winter Walking Trousers

Tackling tough climates? You will want to make sure that you have the best winter walking trousers. Your winter walking trousers should not only be comfortable and support your every movement, but they should also shelter you from the winter weather. Take walking in any winter conditions in your stride with a pair of Kiwi II trousers, an ideal pair of women’s winter walking trousers. This popular pair of walking trousers is the go to for explorers across the world, from casual strollers to intrepid hikers.

For wet and wintery conditions, grab yourself a pair of practical waterproof trousers. It’s important that you stay dry in such adverse conditions. Craghoppers’ Kiwi Pro Waterproof Trousers let you do just that. This pair of waterproof walking trousers offers full wet weather protection, and also includes a layer of insulation, to keep you as warm as possible. We recommend that your waterproof walking trousers are made from a stretchy material, so then they can be worn over another pair of trousers. This gives you twice as much protection from the elements, letting you venture out and about, staying as warm and dry as you possibly can.

Winter Hiking Accessories

Equip yourself with as many winter hiking accessories as you can. A hat and gloves will keep your extremities warm in the cold winter air, while a scarf will protect your neck from catching a chill. Sometimes hikers only bring one pair of gloves, and find that the conditions they are facing are tougher than they originally thought. Don’t forget to bring an extra pair with you, so you can double up on the warm protection and enjoy your surroundings even more.

When it comes to your winter hat, you can’t beat a classic bobble hat. This piece of headwear will keep you warm from the chilliest winds. Craghoppers’ Picton Multi Stripe Knit Bobble Hat will do just that: the microfleece lining will an extra layer of insulation, keeping your head nice and toasty.

The ground may be uneven, and conditions underfoot are likely to be tricky. Walking poles are one of the best winter hiking accessories you can use. These handy accessories will give you an extra level of stability, on the most difficult surfaces. As a result, you’ll be able to explore the world to your hearts content, safe in the knowledge that these poles will keep you safe.

So you’ve got all your winter hiking accessories, and now you need a place to store them. Your best bet is a handy rucksack; just make sure you have one big enough to hold all everything you need in it! Out and about and the weather starts to turn? Reach into your rucksack and take out any one of your useful hiking accessories.

Are you planning on taking a trip this winter but you’re not sure where you should go? Take a look at our arctic holiday destinations guide, for all the inspiration you could need.


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