Your Indonesia Travel Guide

Your Indonesia Travel Guide

Planning a trip to Indonesia? Thinking of travelling to multiple islands, but not sure where to go or what to do on your adventure? Don’t worry, we’ve created our Indonesia sightseeing guide to give you some important hints and tips for the best places to visit in Indonesia, what to expect from the Indonesian culture, and more.

Best Things To Do On Your Indonesia Trip

If you’ve never been to any of the Indonesian islands before and you want to make the most of your trip, we have plenty of ideas for the top things to do in Indonesia. For the adventure seekers looking for something new and exciting, or the nature-loving travellers wanting to be at one with the peace and quiet, there is something for everyone when you visit Indonesia.

1. Komodo Island
Komodo island is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. It’s one of three huge islands that forms the Komodo National Park. If you’re looking for an adventure, Komodo island is a must during your Indonesia trip. Try trekking on the Rinca Islands, go swimming or even delve into the waters of Pink Beach for a session of snorkelling.

Your best option is to book in advance for a sailing trip to the island. That way, you’ll see the well-known Komodo dragon. There are almost 6,000 of these unique creatures on the island although it’s a good idea to book yourself onto a tour. That way, you’re bound to spot a few Komodo dragons as you explore.

Be Careful! It’s best to stick with your ranger or tour guide around any Komodo dragons…

Credit: Jeremy Bishop

2. Go Surfing in Bali
Surfing is certainly one of the top things to do in Indonesia. If you’re an adrenaline junkie and love the thrill of the water, explore the best surfing spots in Indonesia, including Uluwatu and Impossibles. If you’re new to surfing, Padang Padang Right beach is ideal for both experienced surfers as well as any newbies who want to try it out for themselves.

3. Climb Mount Bromo Volcano
If you prefer to explore on dry land, there are opportunities to hike Mount Bromo in Java. At a whopping 2,329 metres, it’s the most impressive and most hiked mountain in Indonesia. Mount Bromo’s name originates from the Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu creator God.
It’s best to go in between April and October, as this is usually the driest season making it the safest to climb. It’s known to get increasingly cold on the mountain – sub-zero at night, so you will need to invest in some hats, scarves and thermal clothing.

mount bromo
Credit: Lorraine Goh – Mount Bromo

4. Indonesia Sightseeing: Sumatra

If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia, but you’re searching for some quiet time, be sure to visit Sumatra. This is the largest Indonesian island, offering idyllic beaches and extraordinary nature. Here, you’ll find Danau Toba. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia, a gigantic and vibrantly blue lake. If you choose to schedule this beauty into your Indonesia sightseeing plan, you’ll find the local Christian Batak people pleasant and welcoming.

Indonesia Travel Information

It’s important to plan your travel around Indonesia just as much as your sightseeing plans when you arrive. There are a few ways of getting around depending on your preferences. Shuttle buses are much cheaper than taxis, but they can get full very quickly and tend to travel quite slowly. If you’re travelling between islands, be aware that flying is often much cheaper than catching boats. On the down side, you’ll come across a high number of airport taxes and charges.

When you’re looking for the perfect accommodation, note that approximately 90% of Indonesia’s tourists swarm to Bali for the best places to stay in Indonesia. That means other areas are less busy. However, if you’d prefer to stay in Bali, you will find tourist centres that offer slightly pricier hotels. If you’re on a budget however, there are ways to keep costs down – simply stay in cheaper hostels and you’ll still get a taste of the luxury island. A basic hostel room shouldn’t set you back more than 200,000 Rp whereas a more expensive resort stay in Bali may set you back about 900,000 Rp. It really depends on your preference.

Find Culture on Your Indonesia Trip

Visit Indonesia if you’re searching for culture, exotic arts, traditional and local celebrations, or stories of local legend. On your travels, you’ll find that the Indonesian culture is highly orientated around the family; a sign of the strong communal values that Indonesians hold at the heart of their society.

Every culture is unique in that it has cultural norms that you might not even be aware of as an outsider. So, here’s a heads up. It’s thought that Indonesians find Westerners to be stressed people always in a rush, so it’s a good idea to look cheery and relaxed, even if you’re a little lost or anxious. Plus, given the high temperatures and often chaotic transport, you will want to stay cool, calm and collected.

Indonesia’s culture is something you’ll soak up as you explore. One part of Indonesian culture that you won’t want to miss out on: the shadow shows. Puppetry is considered quite the art by the locals. They are especially popularin Solo and Yogjakarta, so make sure you catch one when you visit Indonesia.

How Not To Behave in Indonesia
Avoid using your left hand, if you can, especially when dealing with money, food or shaking hands with others. Indonesians believe this to be dirty, and highly offensive. Avoid affectionate contact with the opposite sex in public as this is frowned upon.

The business of local Indonesia towns means you will need to be prepared to lose a little of your personal space on your Indonesia sightseeing adventure. Many of the locals don’t see this as a bad thing. In fact, don’t be alarmed if locals strike up conversations with you in unexpected places and situations. Following that, avoid shouting and any confrontation, as this isn’t taken positively in the local culture.

Eating and Drinking in Indonesia

Handling the heat in Indonesia refers not only to the intensely humid weather, but the food too. Spicy and savoury dishes are the most common foods to consume. You’ll mostly be indulging in chili beans and rice combinations. It’s obviously crucial to stay hydrated in the heat, but ensure you stick to boiled, sterilised or bottled water to be on the safe side.

Now you’re ready to jet set off and visit Indonesia. You’re in the know about the top things to do in Indonesia as well as what to expect from the local culture. Don’t forget to invest in your sun protective clothing to stay protected from the heat waves on your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Indonesia.


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