Men’s GORE-TEX® Jackets

Battle the elements with a men’s GORE-TEX® jacket from Craghoppers. Resilient, protective and ready for adventure, feel safe and comfortable whilst exploring new territories in your own GORE-TEX® parka.

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4 wide
3 wide
  • Aldwick GORE-TEX Jacket Black
    Aldwick GORE-TEX Jacket Black

    RRP £159.50


  • Voyager Hybrid Jacket Black
    Voyager Hybrid Jacket Black

    RRP £150.00


  • Midas GORE-TEX® Jacket Black
    Midas GORE-TEX® Jacket Black

    RRP £250.00


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    Rely on your men’s lightweight GORE-TEX® jacket for any adventure. Equipped for whatever the weather throws at you, your men’s GORE-TEX® jacket will become a trusted companion during adventurous walks and challenging travels. Easily packable, battle against torrential showers in style, or pop it inside your rucksack for when the sun starts shining. Feel liberated and comfortable in your lightweight GORE-TEX® parka, allowing you to explore new lands, climb mountains and discover tropical waterfalls – with a GORE-TEX® shell jacket, travelling possibilities are endless.


    Whilst protecting yourself from unwieldy weather, why not pair your men’s GORE-TEX® jacket with an interactive fleece for insulation? GORE-TEX® jackets for men are designed to cater for your travelling needs all year round, so wear it as a standalone in the warmer seasons, or layer up in the chillier months. Put your worries aside and discover the world, taking Craghoppers with you.

    Choose a black GORE-TEX® jacket for men, perfect for fighting any weather your adventure throws at you. Pair your GORE-TEX® shell jacket with simple jeans, or for extreme conditions, pop on a pair of men’s waterproof trousers to ensure your experience can be truly enjoyed. Want to wear your GORE-TEX® jacket everyday? We don’t blame you. Choose a Camel coloured men’s GORE-TEX® jacket for protection and a stylish everyday look.

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