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Let's travel back in time...

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... to a simpler time when fashion dared to be bold.

Hero Montana Collection

The Montana 83 collection brings our rich history of climbers and mountaineers into the modern day; reflecting the spirit of the age perfectly.

Jaw dropping limestone rock formations like Blackleaf Canyon in Montana became home to a new climbing culture. A time when free climbing, multi-pitched sport climbing and bouldering became incredibly popular.

It was an era when it was okay to be bold, outrageous and carefree. Young adventurers gathering at the base of the rock face, sharing stories, achievements, summits and unclimbed routes.

This collection restores to life the gear those adventurers and pioneers would have worn. Gear they would’ve relied on for the approach to the climb, the long walk in and out, the packing and unpacking of vans and pick-up trucks full of rope and racks of gear.

Clothing that would have kept them warm, when belaying, hiking in, camping under the stars but would still look good in the local bar. We see it as a throw back to a chilled scene in the mountains.

Bold, outrageous and carefree...