Browse our range of men’s outdoor clothing, made using resilient materials and innovative technologies for uncompromising performance. After over 60 years of designing and manufacturing travel clothing for men, we know exactly what you need when it comes to dressing for the outdoors. Our outdoor men’s clothing collection has been proven to offer protection and functionality for adventurers. That’s why our range of men’s travel clothes has been made with high- performing fabrics engineered to work with your body as you explore the world around you. So whatever the terrain or climate, you can carry on safely in the knowledge that your men’s outdoor clothes are working with you, and not against you. Because when you can’t rely on the weather, you can rely on your outdoor menswear.

Looking to completely revamp your walking wardrobe? Our men’s outdoor wear collection covers all areas – from high-quality shirts and jackets to smart trousers and shorts. Discover our men’s outdoor clothing and buy yours online today.

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  • Oswin Hooded Jacket - Blue Navy
    Oswin Hooded Jacket - Blue Navy

    RRP 109,95 €

    64,95 €

  • Whitlaw Half Zip - Avalanche Blue / Potters Clay
    Whitlaw Half Zip - Avalanche Blue / Potters Clay

    RRP 69,95 €

    39,95 €

  • Ramsay Overhead - Black Pepper / Coast Grey
    Ramsay Overhead - Black Pepper / Coast Grey

    RRP 69,95 €

    39,95 €

  • Bishorn Jacket - Woodland Green
    Bishorn Jacket - Woodland Green

    239,95 €

  • Turo Half Zip - Dove Grey Stripe
    Turo Half Zip - Dove Grey Stripe

    RRP 59,95 €

    34,95 €

  • Tripp Hooded Jacket - Blue Navy
    Tripp Hooded Jacket - Blue Navy

    RRP 94,95 €

    54,95 €

  • Oswin Hooded Jacket - Black
    Oswin Hooded Jacket - Black

    RRP 109,95 €

    64,95 €

  • Heelan Half Zip - Pompeian Red
    Heelan Half Zip - Pompeian Red

    RRP 54,95 €

    21,95 €

  • Cason Jacket - Black Pepper
    Cason Jacket - Black Pepper

    59,95 €

  • Heelan Half Zip - Sage
    Heelan Half Zip - Sage

    54,95 €

  • Heelan Half Zip - Cloud Grey
    Heelan Half Zip - Cloud Grey

    54,95 €

  • Cason Half Zip - Blue Navy
    Cason Half Zip - Blue Navy

    54,95 €

  • Cason Half Zip - Ecru
    Cason Half Zip - Ecru

    54,95 €

  • Tripp Hooded Jacket - Black / Black Pepper
    Tripp Hooded Jacket - Black / Black Pepper

    RRP 94,95 €

    54,95 €

  • Altis Vest - Black
    Altis Vest - Black

    RRP 64,95 €

    44,95 €

  • Altis Jacket - Black
    Altis Jacket - Black

    RRP 79,95 €

    54,95 €

  • Bronto Jacket - Loch Blue Marl
    Bronto Jacket - Loch Blue Marl

    RRP 64,95 €

    38,95 €

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    We share your passion for exploring the outdoors, – whether it’s hiking across the mountains, exploring the rainforest, or strolling along the coast. And we recognise the need for men’s outdoor clothing to fit the bill. Thanks to our expertise, we know that outdoor clothing for men needs to be hard-wearing and adaptable to whichever environment you choose to visit next. That’s why we work hard to create men’s outdoor wear that’s built to last through sunny adventures and winter travel, so there’s no need for the weather to cut your trip short.

    From waterproof men’s travel clothing made withand breathable fabrics, to insulated and protective men’s travel clothes, the range of men’s outdoor clothing from Craghoppers is extensive. Whether you’re after zip-off trousers for unpredictable weather, or long-sleeved t-shirts for layering, discover all the men’s outdoor gear you’ll need for your next adventure.


    Make the most of your next trip with versatile and resilient men’s outdoor clothing – available in various styles, sizes and colours. Our range of men’s outdoor wear is easy to care for and, made from pliable materials that will last for years to come. Expect comfortable and practical men’s hiking clothes that feature numerous pockets and adjustable options so that you’re covered from harsh conditions.

    For men’s outdoor clothing that will fully support you and on your next adventure, we’ve engineered our outdoor menswear to enhance movement, allow breathability, retain heat, and repel insects – taking practicality to the limits. So whatever adventure you embark on next, you can rely on Craghoppers’ outdoor clothing for men to protect you from the elements.


    Our men’s outdoor clothing is designed and manufactured with the planet in mind. Our Mindfully Made programme ensures that 70% of our products are made with recycled materials – including pieces from our men’s travel clothes collection – so that you can continue your adventure in the most sustainable way possible.

    Find out more about our sustainable men’s outdoor clothing today – we’re taking a huge step forward, without compromising on the technical details.

    Have you finished browsing our range of men’s travel clothing? From trousers to shirts and outdoor menswear accessories, we’ve got you covered. Complete your wardrobe and buy your outdoor clothing for men online today.