Our anti-insect treatment is built into our fabric and offers an outstanding defence against most biting insects, lasting the lifetime of the garment.

What is NosiLife clothing?

NosiLife is Craghoppers anti-insect clothing. Its active ingredient gives a significant decrease in mosquito bites.

How long does it last?

NosiLife lasts the lifetime of the garment.

How does it work on clothing?

As soon as they touch the fabric, insects will be negatively impacted. It is equally effective on most insects from the Mosquito & Sand Fly to the Midge.

What is the active ingredient?

The insect defence is Permethrin - a synthetic pyrethroid, used extensively by humans as an effective method of controlling insects. The system was originally developed for use against dust mites and is used world-wide in hospitals and bedding products. It is also widely used in clothing products for the general public as well as for industrial and military uses.

Why NosiLife?

NosiLife clothing is perfect for travellers wherever they are going. Travellers are advised to always protect themselves from insect bites, used in conjunction with repellents like IR3535 and Citronella NosiLife clothing provides a very effective defence. Some repellents like DEET are only recommended for use in high risk areas as they can have other negative health effects. doses or for prolonged periods for young children and pregnant women. For further information on staying protected when travelling visit:

Permethrin sprays decompose rapidly when applied directly to the skin, but remain effective when attached to a fibre. Adding the treatment at the manufacturing state helps lock in the chemicals and improves the life of the treatment. Independent Testing Craghoppers original anti-insect Nosquito was launched in 2002. Testing with independent testing facilities ensures guaranteed performance and enables our range to grow.