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    Insect protective clothing that lasts

    Our outdoor wear includes Insect Shield – the world’s first and only permanent insect protection clothing for travel. Functional and lightweight, all our travel favorites look and feel the part - on and off the trail - from durable women’s dresses, t-shirts and trousers, to robust men’s shorts and jackets.

    Every adventure has its challenges. Go prepared with our hassle-free Insect Shield clothing.

    Our breakthrough insect protective treatment is permanently woven into the fabric, so you get proven protection for the lifetime of your garment. It’s built into the clothing for good, which means you don’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance or treatment. Just wash and wear.

    Plus, it’s designed to keep you cool – and guard against pests. From sunrise to sunset, and throughout the night. So you can keep exploring, without a worry in the world.

    Be free from bug bites

    Don’t let bug bites break your adventurous spirit. Cover up with NosiDefence, our revolutionary insect barrier technology. It’s made from fibers that even the thirstiest bugs can’t penetrate. Guaranteed.

    The robust barrier keeps mosquitos, ticks and other biting insects at arm’s length. And keeps you safe from the harmful diseases they spread - all with non-toxic technology.

    Insect protection clothing, for the whole family

    From the rainforest to the mountains, and from the desert to the sea, we share your love of the outdoors. That’s why we designed our bug and mosquito protective clothing for every challenge and climate.

    Explore our excusive range of women’s and men’s protective outdoor wear. From shirts and t-shirts, to jackets, trousers and dresses. Everything you need to be prepared and protected.