Insect Shield® Shirts

Whether out for a hike or on a big adventure, our Insect Shield® shirts have you covered. We design each shirt using cutting-edge fabric technology to give you the very best protection. Ready to make your next adventure simpler and carefree? Explore our extensive range of Insect Shield® bug and tick deterrent shirts below.

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What is Insect Shield®

Insect Shield® is an insect repellant technology derived from the chrysanthemum flower that, when applied to clothing, protects against bug bites for the full life of the garment. Clothing treated with Insect Shield® is safe to wash and can be worn many times over without losing its bug repellent properties, lasting 70 launderings. EPA registered, tested and proven effective, Insect Shield® offers anti-odor, durable, family and pet-safe protection from insects and ticks. With Insect Shield® technology built directly into outdoor clothing, children and adults can experience the outdoors without needing to worry about applying (and reapplying) bug spray or putting harmful chemicals on their skin.

Be free from bug bites

Don’t let bug bites break your adventurous spirit. Cover up with Insect Shield®, our revolutionary insect barrier technology. It’s made from fibers that even the thirstiest bugs can’t penetrate. Guaranteed.

The robust barrier keeps mosquitos, ticks and other biting insects at arm’s length. And keeps you protected from the harmful diseases they spread - all with non-toxic technology.

Insect protection clothing, for the whole family

From the rainforest to the mountains, and from the desert to the sea, we share your love of the outdoors. That’s why we designed our bug and mosquito protective clothing for every challenge and climate.

Explore our excusive range of women’s and men’s protective outdoor wear; from shirts to jackets, pants and dresses. Everything you need to be prepared and protected.