Men’s Insect Repellent Clothing

Irritating bugs ruining your travel? Warn off mosquitos and biting bugs with Insect Shield clothing from Craghoppers. With anti-insect technology delicately woven into fabrics, you can get back to what you do best – care-free travel and exploration.

Shop our range of Insect Shield clothing today to stay protected at every turn.


Keep biting bugs at bay with insect repellent clothing to fight your battles for you. Gone are the days of depending solely on your bug spray – pop on a pair of Insect Shield pants and stay protected throughin every climate.

From long and short sleeved shirts, to hooded jackets and protective hats with full face mesh, prepare for every eventuality when you choose Insect Shield clothing.

The world's first and only permanent insect-repellent clothing range.

Our insect-repellent treatment is permanently woven into the fabric; protecting against biting insects.

An effective barrier to biting insects.

NosiDefence provides a robust barrier of specially constructed fibres which are too tough for insects like mosquitoes to penetrate.

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