Maddiston Half-Zip Fleece - Blue Navy

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Make room for a new winter mid-layer. A bit of Maddiston magic and - hey presto - a humble half-zip is transformed into an effective insulator that doesn't compromise on style. One microfleece base + fluffy fleece front panel= easily their favourite piece of kit this season.

  • Insulating
  • Microfleece
  • Wash & Wear
  • Recycled Fleece
  • Lightweight
  • Warmth Rating - 2
  • 200g
  • 100% Polyester

Part made from recycling plastic bottles into polyester.

Insulating – Keep the heat in. This advanced insulating layer offers outstanding warmth and is suitable for a range of activities. Our products use the latest technologies to ensure superior insulating properties for the wearer whatever the season. Our insulating products provide essential insulation for a range of activities and weather conditions. Ensuring that vital body heat is retained for extra warmth while being lightweight.

Lightweight - efficient fabric and slimmed down construction for travelling without a struggle.

Microfleece – Warmth without weight. Microfleece is a lightweight, high insulation synthetic fabric. Critical performance for outdoor wear. As soft and warm as wool but with critical performance for outdoor wear. Its hydrophobic fibres retain less than 1% of their weight in water retaining insulation power when damp and dry quickly. Microfleece is a light, compact and breathable fabric – efficient to pack and versatile for hot or cold climates. Its strong synthetic fibres result in a lasting, ready-to-wear garment that’s easy to care for on the move.

Easy-care, quick-drying fabric reduces the need for ironing.

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