Men's Fleece

A versatile fleece jacket or pullover is a year-round outdoor essential. Our men’s fleece are all inspired by our British Heritage and look as good as they perform while being backed by our lifetime guarantee. We offer men’s fleece tops and jackets in a variety of colors and styles. From classic navy and grays to more brightly colored greens and reds, you’ll find a fleece to suit your preferences. Looking for an extra layer of protection from the elements? Pair your fleece with one of our men's jackets so you’re ready for action.


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4 wide
3 wide
  • Ashfield Jacket - Dark Grape
    Ashfield Jacket - Dark Grape


  • Corey V Half-Zip Fleece - Soft Gold
    Corey V Half-Zip Fleece - Soft Gold

    RRP $50.00


  • Thurso Fleece Jacket - Mid Navy
    Thurso Fleece Jacket - Mid Navy

    RRP $120.00


  • Guida Fleece Jacket     - Garnet Red
    Guida Fleece Jacket - Garnet Red

    RRP $120.00


  • Cleland Fleece Jacket   - Firth Red
    Cleland Fleece Jacket - Firth Red

    RRP $100.00


  • Vector Hooded Jacket - Black
    Vector Hooded Jacket - Black

    RRP $100.00


  • Vector Hooded Jacket - Dark Moss
    Vector Hooded Jacket - Dark Moss

    RRP $100.00


  • Showing 31 of 31


    We supply a range of men’s fleece tops, all designed for comfort and protection on even the most demanding of outdoor adventures. Our fleece are designed with a number of weather-defending properties and features.

    From thick hiking men’s fleece for winter, to lightweight packable microfleece perfect for carrying in your bag on a cool day - we have men’s fleece jackets to suit every outdoor hike. All our men’s fleece come in a range of colors, styles and fits, meaning you’ll be sure to find the right men’s fleece jumpers for you.


    Our men’s fleece jackets range is made with special technologies, designed to ensure that you stay protected on all your outdoor expeditions. Going on a long demanding hike in harsh conditions? Try one of our half zip fleece pullovers or men’s full zip fleece jackets. Made from fleece and wadded DWR polyester, our men’s fleece jackets offer super effective insulating layers, which will help to lock in core heat, retaining warmth on the coolest of days.

    Going camping and need to keep your eye on storage space? Try one of our packable microfleece, as our lightweight men’s fleece jackets are stretchable and perfect for the occasion. Our men’s fleece are designed to draw in heat when it’s needed and let it out when it’s not. Combine your fleece with a pair of our men's hiking pants for an additional level of comfort and practicality on your next outdoor adventure.


    Our range of men’s fleece tops come in a variety of styles and colors. With advanced technologies focused on protecting you in harsh conditions, you’re guaranteed to find the right men’s fleece tops for your next outdoor expedition. Ideal for those who are environmentally conscious, our range of recycled men’s fleece tops are made with recycled plastic bottles. Discover sustainable fleece, without compromise on comfort or technology. Heading somewhere slightly cooler? Throw on one of our lightweight men's t-shirts as a base layer under your fleece for care-free adventures.

    Explore our full range of men’s fleece and find the perfect fit for you. Make sure you’re prepared for action by shopping from our full collection of men's outdoor clothing online today.