At Craghoppers, we pride ourselves on providing clothing that will help you compete with the elements. That’s why we only manufacture men’s outdoor jackets with the very best innovative fabrics and materials. Our jackets are made with a traveller’s pursuits in mind, for ease of movement and durability so that you can rely on your jacket when you need it most. From lightweight men's waterproof jackets, to warm insulated jackets, explore our selection of men’s lightweight jackets online today.


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4 wide
3 wide
  • Insect Shield Adventure Jacket - Dark Khaki
    Insect Shield Adventure Jacket - Dark Khaki

    RRP $150.00


  • Sabi Jacket       - Dark Moss
    Sabi Jacket - Dark Moss

    RRP $185.00


  • Adventure Jacket II - Pebble
    Adventure Jacket II - Pebble

    RRP $160.00


  • Insect Shield Elgin Hood Jacket - Dark Moss
    Insect Shield Elgin Hood Jacket - Dark Moss

    RRP $100.00


  • Remus Jacket - Firth Red
    Remus Jacket - Firth Red


  • Bishorn Jacket    - Aster Red
    Bishorn Jacket - Aster Red


  • VentaLite Hooded Jacket - Black
    VentaLite Hooded Jacket - Black

    RRP $150.00


  • VentaLite Hooded Jacket - Blue Navy
    VentaLite Hooded Jacket - Blue Navy

    RRP $150.00


  • Castor Jacket     - Dark Navy
    Castor Jacket - Dark Navy


  • Sabi Jacket       - Black
    Sabi Jacket - Black

    RRP $185.00


  • Venta Lite II Jacket - Blue Navy
    Venta Lite II Jacket - Blue Navy

    RRP $125.00


  • Expolite Jacket - Black Pepper
    Expolite Jacket - Black Pepper

    RRP $125.00


  • Batley Jacket - Blue Navy
    Batley Jacket - Blue Navy


  • Expolite Hooded Jacket - Black
    Expolite Hooded Jacket - Black

    RRP $150.00


  • Baird Jacket - Black
    Baird Jacket - Black


  • Wilton Jacket - Firth Red
    Wilton Jacket - Firth Red


  • Treviso Jacket - Black
    Treviso Jacket - Black


  • Brae Jacket       - Black
    Brae Jacket - Black


  • Brae Jacket       - Blue Navy
    Brae Jacket - Blue Navy


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    Whether you're looking for men's insulated jackets or men's lightweight jackets, choose from our collection. For hotter climates, we have a variety of men's lightweight jackets. Perfect for the seasoned traveller, these men's hiking jackets act as a second skin to protect you from showers. Made with resilient stretch material, our jackets will help to control your temperature by wicking away moisture and will also protect you from mosquitoes and other insects through Insect Shield technology. Explore our range of men's jackets, perfect for when you need a thin layer of insulation. Heading to explore a hotter climate? Treat yourself to some sun protective clothing before you pack.


    We stock men's insulated jackets, including men's fleece lined jackets, that are both lightweight and wind resistant to keep you warm and protected from harsh winds when hiking in difficult conditions. Finding the right outdoor coat can be tricky, and we know how difficult it can be to pack thick, warm jackets when you need to. This is why we make sure that our men's lightweight jackets are easily packable, saving you space when you're on the move. Our Compresslite jackets are great for colder climates. Made with ClimaPlus materials, they have advanced insulating layers and a water-resistant finish, making them the ideal men’s hiking jackets. Planning outdoor excursions but struggling to find some men’s outdoor jackets that will keep you cosy and warm out on the icy trail? Shop for your favourite styles and colours in our selection for the ultimate comfort when you’re outdoors.


    For those who need optimum protection, we also stock jackets that are both waterproof and breathable, with plenty of storage to keep everything you need with you whilst you travel. If you’re looking for clothing that will be suitable in the countryside as well as on a winter’s commute to work, we also stock quilted jackets that are fully insulated while remaining comfortable and smart for everyday use.

    Browse our range of men’s outdoor jackets to find the jacket that will best protect you on your next trip. View our full collection of men’s outdoor clothing men’s outdoor clothing so you’re fully kitted out for your adventures.