Men’s GORE-TEX® Jackets

If you’re looking for best in class, GORE-TEX® is the ultimate performer. The proven waterproof construction of our men’s GORE-TEX® jackets locks rain out with ruthless efficiency, providing highly effective coverage that’s more than a match for the worst of the weather.

GORE-TEX® Waterproof Jackets

Cleverly engineered with high performance technology, our GORE-TEX® waterproof jackets range provides great coverage. GORE-TEX® fabric is designed with your active outdoor lifestyle in mind. When you need guaranteed protection against unwieldy rain, you can rely on your GORE-TEX® rain jacket from Craghoppers. Choose a hooded GORE-TEX® jacket for additional protection when the weather takes a turn.

GORE-TEX® Fabric Technology

The unique construction of the fabric used in our men’s GORE-TEX® jacket range is the key to keeping you protected. With innovative characteristics and a microporous structure, you can rely on your jacket to lock out wind and let the rain to roll right off. Even as your jacket keeps out driving wind and rain, it doesn’t scrimp on breathability. Any perspiration escapes your jacket, meaning you remain comfortable, dry and protected as you take to the trail.

There’s no such thing as unbearable weather in a GORE-TEX® jacket from Craghoppers. Shop our range of GORE-TEX® jackets, or check out our complete range of men’s jackets for lightweight, windproof and insulated alternatives.