Men's Insect Protective Clothing

Your next adventure awaits, and our men’s Insect Shield clothing is up to the challenge. Insect Shield keeps you cool in even the hottest, most humid climates. Each garment is designed to keep biting bugs at bay. How? With a unique insect protection treatment that’s permanently built into the clothing. It’s the world’s first and only permanent insect protective clothing range, and it’s guaranteed to protect you for the lifetime of the garment.

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  • Insect Shield Pants Pebble
    Insect Shield Pants Pebble


  • Leon Swim Shorts Dusk Blue
    Leon Swim Shorts Dusk Blue


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    Men’s Insect Shield clothing

    All our Insect Shield clothing is made to last, and our men’s range is no different. We’ve tested Insect Shield across hundreds of thousands of miles. From scaling mountains, to trekking the Nile in life-threatening conditions - and like you, it just keeps on going.

    How does it work? The non-toxic technology is woven into the fabric, protecting you from biting bugs when you need it most.

    Plus, it’s designed for the extremes. Wicking away moisture from the skin, to keep you cool and comfortable in the heat. Shirts in our range of men’s Insect Shield clothing also have a cooling element in the collar.

    Go prepared, stay protected

    Our men’s Insect Shield clothing gives you protection when you need it. With the freedom to keep moving. Each garment is lightweight and easy to pack. Plus there are plenty of hidden pockets to store your essentials.

    But we know you need your gear to go the distance. So all our men’s insect protective clothing is engineered with exploration in mind. Each garment combines resilient materials with cutting-edge technology. To keep you cool, comfortable and carefree. Whenever and wherever you venture.

    The scorching sun. High humidity. Insect-born diseases. It’s almost enough to put off even the most seasoned explorer. But rest assured, our men’s Insect Shield clothing has your back. And front. And head to toe. It’s protection when you need it most.

    Whether you’re heading off at dawn, or setting up camp at dusk, you won’t be bugged by bites. Check out our exclusive range of men’s Insect Shield clothing. From shirts and shorts to trousers and jackets, we’ve got you covered.