Women’s Insect Shield Clothing

Setting off or setting up camp, you need to stay protected. That’s why we designed our exclusive range of women’s Insect Shield clothing. To keep you cool, comfortable, and safe from biting bugs, even in the most extreme environments. Here’s how it works: Insect Shield is the first of its kind in the world. We weave our insect protection into the garment. Explore our complete range of women’s insect repellent clothing below.

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4 wide
3 wide
  • Insect Shield Pro Pants Mushroom
    Insect Shield Pro Pants Mushroom



  • Kiwi Pro Stretch Shorts Bluebell
    More colours available
    Kiwi Pro Stretch Shorts Bluebell



  • Insect Shield Pro Pants Charcoal
    Insect Shield Pro Pants Charcoal



  • Insect Shield Pants Mushroom
    More colours available
    Insect Shield Pants Mushroom

    RRP $95.00


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    Women’s insect protective clothing

    Whether you’re trekking through a rainforest or exploring the coast, our women’s Insect Shield clothing works around the clock. Keeping away winged pests, so you can keep exploring.

    But it doesn’t only keep bugs at bay. The Insect Shield range is also moisture wicking. It absorbs moisture from your skin, so you stay cool and comfortable – even in the hottest and most humid conditions.

    Our collared clothes also feature a cooling element, and in all our garments, there are the hidden pockets you rely on to store your essentials. But you won’t feel weighed down. Each piece is breathable, lightweight and packable – and is designed to fit and flatter.

    Women’s mosquito protective clothing

    Our NosiDefence clothing is also guaranteed to keep insects at arm’s length. Biting bugs simply can’t penetrate the fabric fibers. So you can enjoy your adventures without a care in the world.

    Benjamin Franklin said, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. And that’s why we developed our unique line of women’s insect protection clothing. So you can carry on exploring, without worrying about the heat, humidity or bugs.

    Each garment is also long-lasting yet lightweight. Durable yet flexible. Practical yet packable, and all with a flattering fit. It’s everything you expect from your outdoor gear.

    Stay safe, stay cool

    As well as Insect Shield, our NosiDefence fabric is bug bite-proof. We’ve revamped it with smaller holes, a tighter weave and a better construction. So you can cover up in the toughest defense barrier – and stay bug-free for longer.

    Designed for all seasons, our women’s insect protection clothing has you covered. Summery, sun-protective travel shirts. Discover convenient convertible travel trousers, sleek adventure jackets, and even cooling, insect protective travel socks. Our online store stocks every essential item you need to stay protected and stylish on any adventure.

    It’s all part of our quest to make your adventures safer, simpler and super comfortable. Even in the scorching sun or tropical weather, you’ll carry on feeling fresh from sun up to sun down – and while you sleep.

    There’s more to our outdoor wear than meets the eye. So shop our women’s insect shield clothing, and set out in style, safety and comfort.