Solar Shield


Complete UPF40+ protection from harmful UV rays. Letting you get out there to enjoy the sun safely. Sun exposure causes skin damage. Only covered areas are protected. The protection offered by this item may be reduced with use or if stretched or wet. Provides UVA + UVB protection from the sun.

Aquadry Membrane

UPF40+ Sun-protective clothing.

Get out there and enjoy the sun without taking risks. Our SolarShield fabric technology has been tried and tested to give you UPF40+ protection from harmful UV rays.

SolarShield is Craghoppers’ range of sun-protective fabric tested for UV-protection UPF40+.

Sun-protection is given by a combination of 3 things, the density of the fabric construction, the type of yarns used and its colour.

SolarShield Rating: Excellent

UPF Index: 40+

Blocked UVR: 97.5%+

UV Radiation: 2.5% or less