Social Impact Programmes

RHEP - Regatta Health Education Programme

Our Education Programme educates female workers in Bangladesh on health, hygiene, nutrition and finance. The programme has been completed in 6 factories in Bangladesh. This has reached 10,000 workers, who in turn have taught their neighbours and friends.

The programme is completed through a system of peer educators. We teach a cohort of workers to be the health educators who then cascade their learning. The project has resulted in:

  • Reduction in sick leave and absenteeism
  • Lower worker turnover
  • Improved productivity
  • A happier, healthier, more motivated workforce
Mentors for our RHEP Project
Completed in 4 factories reaching 7,000 workers who in turn teach their neighbours and friends
BPF - Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation

Our second social impact programme is our Savar primary school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This school which we have been funding them for over 10 years, is located in our garment factory area.

It offers life-changing education for children in a safe and exciting place to learn and grow. This enables children to reach their fullest potential becoming confident and well prepared for life. There are currently 262 students between the age of 4-14, including 58 children with learning and physical disabilities.

As well as providing a balanced meal to all pupils, 6 days a week, we ensure that the curriculum taught is at a high standard.

Children receive a balanced meal 6 days week

Plans for 2017/18 include the redecoration and refurbishment of the building. We plan to introduce a numeracy and literacy booster scheme, and a programme to help educate the parents.

It is so uplifting to see the changes we have made and to know that we have impacted more than 3000 families to date.

Impacting 3,000 families