Women's RFID Clothing

With built-in RFID shield, our collection of women’s RFID clothing will keep your contactless cards protected in your pocket. Shop the RFID range below.

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Being a victim of theft is the last thing any traveller wants. Our RFID clothing, including RFID vests and pants, are made to ensure your chipped passport and credit cards are protected, with the modern technology that’s woven into your fabric.


What is RFID technology? RFID technology prevents your debit and credit cards being scanned without your knowledge. The data on your contactless cards can be easily swiped using handheld scanners, making it even easier for thieves for steal your private information. That’s where RFID technology comes in. RFID refers to Radio-Frequency Identification. That means our RFID clothing features a unique kind of technology that helps stop identify theft from happening.

We’ve got you, and your credit and debit cards, covered. Our RFID clothing is lightweight and easy to pack, so there’s no need to worry about fitting a bundle of technology-filled jackets and vests into your rucksack.